Tears of Themis announced a limited-time event titled “Revisiting Youth” releasing this August 24

Revisit the high school campus and relive lovely memories with him!

The campus-themed event in Tears of Themis “Revisiting Youth” will be starting on August 24th, as announced by international interactive entertainment company HoYoverse. Players can go to the Campus Open House with the male leads and reminisce about their college days. Players can earn awards such as Selection Star SR, Oracle of Justice, S-Chips, event-limited badges, event-limited cards, and more by taking part in the event throughout its designated time frame and fulfilling the associated event activities.

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Tears of Themis’ primary plot takes place in the fictional city of Stellis, where players begin their legal careers as rookie attorneys, resolving cases and problems through investigations and deliberations. When the evil lurking beneath finally reveals itself, a dark force that threatens law and order slowly starts to emerge.

The NXX Investigation Team, a group of four charismatic male heroes who each have their own distinct personality, offer constant guidance and support throughout the quest. When mutual trust and close cooperation are established, relationships flourish.

Players can redeem S-Chips, Stellin, Oracle of Justice, and other bountiful rewards in the Revisiting Youth event

A brand-new “Revisiting Youth” event map with a campus theme will be released in August. Blackboards, desks, portable music players, and paper airplanes evoke memories of simpler times when students were still in school. Players can complete tasks during the brief event to earn “Youthful Paper Planes,” which they can then exchange for random puzzle pieces that can be put together to create a lovely image of the cherished youth!

Complete the daily activities to earn dice, then roll dice to activate a random Teleport Point that will take you to the Classroom Café, a hidden chamber. Players can redeem S-Chips, Stellin, Oracle of Justice, and other plentiful goodies by taking part in the event and finishing the brief event chores.

Players can earn the event-only Youthful Days Badge by stopping by the Classroom Café six times! Lush Reveries Tasks will also be accessible during the event. Automatic unlocking of the standard Lush Reveries will take place. Players can get the event-only Vyn SR “Eternal Whispers” after hitting certain levels!

The Event Shadow of Themis will be accessible with higher draw rates for Artem SSR “New Skies,” Marius SSR “Precious Mornings,” and Luke SR “Love between Pages” during the “Revisiting Youth” event time. There will also be brand-new, interactive chibi invitations for “Revisiting Youth” featuring the four male leads, as well as campus-themed minigames and the special BGM “Revisiting Youth – Innocence.” With him, reminisce about tender and endearing youth memories while enjoying wonderful surprises.

Are you excited to be a part of the Revisiting Youth event in Tears of Themis this August 24? Do let us know in the comments!

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