Tencent’s Honor of Kings gets accused of Plagiarism from NetEase over in-game content

Honor of Kings is facing plagiarism accusations by NetEase

According to various news outlets, The world’s top-grossing mobile game, Honor of Kings by Tencent is now facing serious allegations of plagiarism over a poster that was released. NetEase’s For All Time, a love story mobile game, is accusing Honor of Kings of plagiarism over a picture of the game character adjustment released by Honor of Kings on April 14. NetEase took to Wiebo and posted a comparison photo between its promotional materials and the promotional materials used by Honor of Kings. 

Honor of Kings accused of Plagiarism in a promotional poster

For all time, has accused Tencent’s Honor of Kings of plagiarism based on a promotional poster posted by the game on April 14 which showed similarities to a promotional poster posted by For all time on June 27 of 2021. The comparison post made by NetEase clearly shows designer elements overlapping both posters.

In view of the allegations, neither Tencent nor the development team of Honor of Kings has made any official statements, but the design supplier for Tencent, Hangzhou Fullspeed Network has said “We have taken notice of the online discussion in regard to the promotional designs. On April 14, the column announcement picture designed by our company for the Honor of Kings may be similar to other product announcement maps. The company is urgently investigating the situation of the design’s creation and will provide a complete explanation as soon as possible.”

honor of kings plagiarism
Image via For All Time

The allegations made by NetEase gave rise to a wave of debates on the internet about Tencent’s long-standing relationship with plagiarism as the company’s game Honor of Kings has faced plagiarism allegations before this on various occasions. Justice Online, another online game By NetEase also showed its support, saying that an Anti-Tencent Office should be established.

After further investigation on the issue, Fullspeed Network made yet another official statement saying “that the company’s art designers’ creative ideas and inspirations were “derived from and referenced the promotional materials already released by ‘Honor of Kings’.”

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