The Battle Cats Lunar New Year Event 2023 brings a ton of Cat Food up for grabs

Celebrate the exciting Lunar New Year with the mighty cats!

The Battle Cats, an odd adorable tower defense game by PONOS Corporation, commemorates the Year of the Rabbit with a special Lunar New Year 2023 event that includes event-specific game content. Players who visit The Battle Cats mobile app between 11:00 AM on January 16 and 10:59 AM on February 20th, 2023, can take on event-only Lunar New Year stages, win free rewards of Cat Food premium currency, and receive discounts on powerful Rare Capsule Cats to strengthen their strange feline army!

Players can get a free Lunar New Year’s present of at least 777 Cat Food with a free spin at the Wildcat Slots from January 16 through January 31, 2023! To earn extra Cat Food, which can be used to unlock new heroes or gain access to other premium game features, hit the jackpot!

The Battle Cats features an abundance of Cat Food during Lunar New Year Event 2023

Along with exclusive discounts that will be made accessible to all Battle Cats players, you may utilize the additional Cat Food you earn from the Wildcat Slots and other Lunar New Year’s activities at the Rare Capsules to bring in new Cats. After January 16 at 11:00 AM, the first 11-capsule draw will be discounted by 50% to 750 Cat Food. Also the first single draw will only cost 30 Cat Food rather than the customary 150!

Players can test themselves against three different limited event stages. These are exclusive to this Lunar Additional Year’s campaign after acquiring a few new Cats to add to their army. Take on Festival Cats: Lunar New Year‘s to collect Legendary Charms that can then be redeemed for a chance at the limited-edition heroes Firecracker Cat and Blue Shinobi, as well as other prizes, at the seasonally occurring Lunar New Year’s Event Capsules.

Battle Cats Lunar New Year Event 2023
Image via PONOS Corporation

Other levels, such as the Lunar New Year’s Gifts Galore!, allow players to win and gather more cat food once each day. The March of Flames map pits the player’s cat army against a swarm of red opponents.

Players can also obtain login stamps and rare ticket rewards from special missions during the event

By completing Lunar New Year’s event-limited Special Missions from the Catnip Challenges, or even by merely visiting the Cat Base every day during the event to collect login stamp prizes, players can earn additional rewards of Legendary Charms or Rare Tickets.

Battle Cats Lunar New Year Event 2023
Image via PONOS Corporation

Throughout the Lunar New Year campaign, all of these unique events as well as additional levels, Capsule sets, and other content will be available. Players shouldn’t miss this year’s first significant Battle Cats event!

Are you looking forward to the Battle Cats celebrating its Lunar New Year Event 2023 with amazing rewards? Let us know in the comments section below!

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