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Three Kingdoms: Legends of War: Tilting Point gets publishing rights for the game in the west

The game is currently available for pre-registration on Android!

Tilting Point, a premier free-to-play games publisher, has entered into a collaboration with Korean developer Action Square to bring Three Kingdoms: Legends of War to North America and Europe. When releasing the game in Western countries in 2022, Tilting Point will use its expertise in East to West publishing to expand the game’s audience, which has already proven to be a hit in South Korea, Japan, and Australia. The game has already started its pre-registration on Android.

Tilting Point continues to support the global efforts of Korean developers

Tilting Point will offer Three Kingdoms: Legends of War to North American and European gamers, as well as providing expert services in app store optimization, marketing creatives, and user acquisition management, backed by Tilting Point’s $132 million yearly user acquisition budget.

“We’ve been proud to create, support and grow Three Kingdoms: Legends of War over the past five years and know that with Tilting Point we will be able to scale the game in new Western markets. Tilting Point has proven time and again that they can successfully publish Korean games in North America and Europe bolstered by their expertise in marketing and publishing for both Eastern and Western territories.”

Yeonjun Kim, CEO Action Square

Tilting Point presently has over 40 developer partners and has extensive expertise supporting Korean publishers’ global endeavors, having recently purchased AN Games, a Korean game developer, following their successful partnership to grow ASTROKINGS. They have also collaborated with Korean studios such as Clegames and Cinamon Games on games like Reign of Empires and Maybe: Interactive Stories. Tilting Point has teams all throughout the world, including one in Seoul, South Korea.

Fight mysterious animals in Three Kingdoms: Legends of War

Three Kingdoms: Legends of War, an action RPG set in the famous, mythic war of the Three Kingdoms Saga, has been downloaded over 3 million times in South Korea. On their quest to fight mysterious animals, players can collect over 80 officers and engage in combat ranging from one-on-one duels to gigantic 50 vs. 50 alliance confrontations.

Tilting Point has consistently accelerated success for mobile game developers, scaling their games through UA funding and management, app store optimization (ASO), ad monetization, platform deployment, and more, before collaborating with existing partners to deepen relationships through co-development and mergers and acquisitions.

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