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Torchlight: Infinite is now available as an Open Beta on Android and iOS

The open beta shines a light towards the much-awaited full launch!

Players may now join the frantic, dungeon-crawling action of Torchlight: Infinite in its open beta, according to XD Inc. Torchlight: Infinite, an authentic loot-based action RPG, captures all the best elements of the genre. Gamers on PCs and mobile devices may dive into exciting, action-packed, hero-driven gameplay. Treasure-filled dungeons are just waiting to be looted, and players can do so while enjoying rich skill systems and a variety of character builds.

Experience an unlimited looting experience in Torchlight: Infinite

All player progress will transfer over until the final launch of the game during the open beta test. Fans have the chance to fully immerse themselves in a limitless looting experience while enjoying the benefits of crafting special, potent classes in Torchlight: Infinite.

Defy the fearsome dungeon that houses a wealth of forbidden treasures, the ancient City of Ichi. Teamwork will be crucial in traversing such a place as players eliminate foes that stand between them and the treasure they seek because it is guarded by various traps and enemies.

Players can grind for significant items in Torchlight: Infinite rather than relying on a stamina system or daily objectives. Torchlight: Infinite also offers an in-game trading system, where one can exchange goods with other players. The rarer the gear, the more unique and potent the affixes.

There are three separate hero traits available for each Torchlight: Infinite character. The Six God Talent System and the game’s 230 talents also provide players the freedom to advance their heroes at their own pace. Players are encouraged to explore the practically infinite options for personalizing their hero and take advantage of a variety of battle styles during the course of the game.

Are you excited about the open beta of Torchlight: Infinite? Let us know in the comments below!

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