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Torchlight: Infinite is set to release its new season titled, Blacksail on January 12, 2023

Major update will introduce new endgame content!

Players will embark on a brand-new journey in Blacksail which launches in January 2023, that takes them to the edge of the cosmos and into The Sea of Void. The upcoming season of the well-known PC and mobile action RPG Torchlight: Infinite will add more content while enhancing hero gameplay and personalization with new powers. Additionally, Hero Relics’ additional treasure and loadout slots will let players advance and refine their in-game builds.

Engage in the story behind the shattered Blacksail in Torchlight: Infinite

All worlds burn to ashes and are lost in The Sea of Void for all time. As wandering souls strive to return to the living world, countless Aemberons here consume one another in an endless loop. These souls drive Blacksail towards yet-to-be-broken worlds while the Lord of the Void Sea, emerging from unending darkness, enslaves them.

Enjoy Void Sea Endgame content in Torchlight: Infinite

Hunters in the new season of Torchlight: Infinite can obtain special “Void Sea Night Flame” affixes on their loot drops by killing monsters on the Netherrealm map. The “Void Sea Seal,” an interactive object, will appear on the map once the final stage boss has been defeated. Any Void Sea Night Flame can be used to shatter this Seal, revealing a random Seal Whisper dependent on the Night Flame’s affix.

Hunters can then face the Bride of Void Sea and take her treasure by traveling to the Void Sea End Port after breaking 6 Seals. She might also leave you with a Void Sea Invitation, which you’ll need to take on the season’s big bad, Lord of the Void Sea, who will provide you with numerous special Legendary Items.

The new Season brings new gear slots, skills, and PC controller support

Hunters will have access to two new hero artifacts as the new season begins: Hero Relics and Hero Memories. Each Hunter is allowed to carry one Hero Relic, which has three spaces that can hold collectible Hero Memories that provide the hero with strong affixes directly relevant to their area of expertise. With the start of the new season, Torchlight: Infinite will also add 5 new primary Skills, expanding the range of possible builds.

  • Moon Strike
  • Howling Gale
  • Thunder Slash
  • Blazing Bullet
  • Haunting Abomination

Torchlight: Infinite will soon provide even more ways to play. In response to user input, the new update now includes support for PC controllers. Those who have been eager to play on their new Steam Decks will find this to be especially welcome news.

Grab exciting Christmas goodies during the event

The Dark Surge has diminished as a result of the heroes of Torchlight working together. The Void Sea is drawing near, and those who played Torchlight: Infinite’s first season will receive great presents. Hunters that own the “Black Ship Beacon” starting in mid-January will get the “Blacksail Token” which comes with distinctive body effects, season supplies, and other benefits.

Additionally, a Discord welcome event is now active and offers 50 Jagged Primocryst as prizes. Join the Torchlight: Infinite Discord Server to take part. Simply head over to the discord-reward channel to acquire your code.

Are you excited about the Torchlight: Infinite Blacksail season? Let us know in the comments below!

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