Total War: Medieval II releases its Kingdoms expansion update this November 10

Ancient rivalries will be revived and history rewritten!

On Thursday, November 10, 2022, the Kingdoms expansion for Total War: Medieval II was made available for iOS and Android users, according to a statement from Feral Interactive and Creative Assembly.

Kingdoms expansion bring new campaigns and factions to Total War: Medieval II

The acclaimed mobile version of this strategy classic will feature more than 400 years of turbulent history thanks to Total War: MEDIEVAL II – Kingdoms. Kingdoms is a sizable addition to the base game that adds four more campaigns for a single in-app purchase:

  • Americas: The technologically sophisticated Spanish conquistadores begin their brutal conquest of the New World. Resisting them are Aztecs, Mayans, and four other Meso-American peoples, ready to use their overwhelming numbers to send the invaders back across the ocean.
  • Britannia: A five-way struggle for dominance of the British Isles. England must defend herself on all sides from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Norway, as they vie for the prize of the English throne.
  • Crusades: Charismatic leaders such as Richard the Lionheart and Saladin wage war for the Holy Land in a pivotal clash of civilizations and religions.
  • Teutonic: The ruthless Teutonic Order of German crusading knights lead a bloody campaign, backed by the Holy Roman Empire, to deliver the Pagan peoples of the north to Christianity.

A total of 24 playable factions are included in Kingdoms, including new units and abilities to use on the battlefield over a much-expanded landscape. Of them, 14 are completely new to the expansion, while 10 old favorites are returning.

On November 10, Total War: Medieval II – Kingdoms was released for mobile devices as an in-app purchase for $6.99, €7.99, or £5.99. (regional prices may vary). Total War: Medieval II is currently accessible for iOS and Android users on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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