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Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers Program is offering rewards worth $15000 along with an early access

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Tower of Fantasy is an upcoming open-world RPG game developed by Perfect World, Level Infinite, and Hotta Studios. The game is very similar to Genshin Impact with its anime-inspired aesthetics. The anime-infused open-world RPG game is set hundreds of years on a planet called Aida. The game has finished its beta testing and reached one million pre-registrations ahead of its global release recently. The game is supposed to be launched globally in the third quarter of 2022. Now Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers Program is offering rewards worth $15000 with early access.

Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers Program is an excellent opportunity for content creators

The game’s developers have recently announced a unique content creation program known as Aida Pioneers Program for the game. They invite new content creators to join the team and explore the new adventure game.

Tower of Fantasy is now rewarding cash incentives along with early access to the game to selected content creators. The Aida Pioneers registration will open on July 12 and close on July 17. The program winners will be announced on August 9 after being evaluated by the staff. 

How to join the Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers Program

Following are the steps to join the Aida Pioneer Program:

  • Complete and submit the registration form
  • Qualified content creators will get the link to their respective group’s discord server
  • Review and sign NDA along with other guidelines
  • Install the early access of Tower of Fantasy and download the creator’s asset pack
  • Create your desired content
  • Upload an unlisted version of your content and have it reviewed by staff
  • After getting approved by the staff, upload your content publicly

Content creators can also submit visual content for the program. 

Tower of Fantasy one million pre-registrations, ToF wallpaper
Image via Level Infinite

Aida Pioneers Program prizes and rewards

Tower of Fantasy developers will give the prizes and rewards of the program in four categories. The categories are:

1. Videos

Examples of content:

  • Gameplay Showcase 
  • Tutorials
  • Mashup
  • Funny Videos
  • Talent 

For participants of this category, they must upload the video to an unlisted version on YouTube with the hashtag #ToFAidaPioneers. They can then upload the content publicly once the staff approves it. 

  • Prize: (based on video view ranking)
    • First Prize: $1000
    • Second Prize: $800 

2. Graphics

Examples of content: 

  • Cosplay
  • In-game Photography
  • Illustration
  • Meme
  • Comic

Participants of this category must upload their visual work in an unpublished space. After getting approved by the staff, participants must upload the piece on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ToFAidaPioneers.

  • Prize: (based on likes)
    • First Prize: $1000
    • Second Prize: $800

3. Creatives

Examples of content:

  • Paintings/ Drawings
  • Montages/ Collages
  • Handcrafts
  • Other creative works

Winners from this category will be pre-selected by the ToF team. The community will then vote for a final winner, who will receive a prize of $1000. 

4. Creator Reward

The developers of the game have also set a prize for creators who will stay active during the program. 

Final Thoughts

The program is a unique opportunity for content creators. This program will surely bring active participation from prominent content creators, thus bringing more audience to the game before its release. The developers also aim to give new content creators a fair amount of chance to grow in this game. Will the prominent Genshin Impact content creators make a move for this game? Well, only time will answer that. We can only hope for great content from our favorite content creators.

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