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Tower of Fantasy caught in stealing Genshin Impact’s App Store reviews

Tower of Fantasy does it again!

Tower of Fantasy, deemed as the somewhat rival to the massive hit game Genshin Impact is once again in the spotlight, not for anything good though. The recent controversy where Tower of Fantasy was caught stealing, where they used assets from miHoYo’s other game Honkai Impact in their PV, which had already cost its reputation. Things had calmed down for a bit, but once again, ToF was caught in manipulating App Store reviews.

Reddit post confirms Tower of Fantasy stealing app store reviews

According to this Reddit post, a few days back, some users noticed the drastic change in rating, which doesn’t happen this fast, even if the game was randomly review-bombed. After digging a bit, they found very similar reviews in ToF, which were a direct copy-paste from Genshin Impact. But, some of Genshin Impact’s terms and names were omitted for obvious reasons and changed with the ones from ToF.

Sensor Tower Reviews
Sensor Tower Reviews

Many of the reviews were ending with a “,” (comma), instead of a period, which is most likely the work of bots. Some reviews could even be deduced that it wouldn’t make sense in the context of ToF. It was most likely taken from some other game. Redditor u/15shs1 also posted images from Sensor Tower to further verify the truth.

Tower of Fantasy panicks after negative reviews on major app stores

Prior to current events, ToF had a game-breaking bug, which was the SSR unlimited bug. The game developers handled the bug situation very poorly, which resulted in a massive backlash from the community. As per norms, there was review-bombing on major App Stores. The game developers must have panicked and tried to change the low score in the App Store, and used review-bots to make fake 5-star reviews to increase the rating.

Aside from the SSR bug, the game has a lot of bugs and seems not polished enough for a similar launch. Aside from bugs, indefinite maintenance that doesn’t fix much, has really hampered the players to fully enjoy the game. Unlike last time, where the developers apologized for using Honkai’s assets, they are yet to comment anything on this. The latest stats from Sensor Tower shows that the game is not doing good, forget competing with the colossal Genshin Impact. How much longer will the game last at this rate of backlash is definitely questionable.

What are your thoughts on Tower of Fantasy being caught stealing Genshin Impact’s App Store reviews? Let us know in the comments below!

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