Trivia Deluxe: etermax’s new game for trivia fans gets a global release

Answer questions, win trophies, get to the podium before your rival

Trivia Deluxe, the mobile game that tests the curiosity and knowledge of family members, friends, and users all over the world, gets an official release by etermax, the international technology company that developed global phenomena such as Trivia Crack and Word Crack. Trivia Deluxe is currently available in 6 languages on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Gameplay Overview

Trivia Deluxe is set in a television show, combining the famed trivia gameplay of Trivia Crack with the classic Indian board game Moksha Patam, adding a new visual aesthetic, brilliant colors, and catchy soundtrack. Knowledge will help users not only stay at the top of the rankings but also satisfy their curiosity and receive applause from the audience as if they were in the studio of a popular television show.

Trivia Deluxe release
Trivia Deluxe release

Trivia Deluxe release: Details and gameplay

The game, powered by etermax’s trademark game dynamics, allows fans to test and improve their knowledge by collecting symbolic virtual money on a challenging board. To get the six trophies and reach the podium before their opponent, users must roll the dice, advance squares, and answer questions from various categories while using their rewards in the various game modes.

The Trivia Deluxe experience is made possible by etermax’s Question Factory technology and collaborative concept. Users can not only suggest new content, but also review it, ensuring that questions are relevant to their countries and areas, and, most importantly, that they can always find a new question. Players can download the game from Google Play Store and App Store in Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian.

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