Ubisoft to release a new free to play mobile game by March 2022

What's coming next?

Video game giant Ubisoft recently published their financial report for Q1 2021 and along with it comes quite interesting information for mobile gamers. While, of course, the company’s main focus remains on the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as Microsoft Windows, the report hinted that a new mobile game by Ubisoft could be announced in the near future, most probably by March 2022. Read on to know more although note that at this point, the article is pure speculation based on known facts.

A changing business model

While the Q1 fiscal report isn’t anything to write home about, the company stated that the revenue was ‘inline’ with their expectations so it’s safe to assume that for now, everything seems to go according to plan. The report talks about bringing in exciting post-launch content for the most recent Assassins’ Creed iteration, Valhalla.

Ubisoft's Assassins’ Creed: Valhalla
Ubisoft’s Assassins’ Creed: Valhalla

It also talks about plans for the launch of other long-running series such as Rainbow Six and Far Cry, which, however, may not be that new Ubisoft mobile game in talks by March 2022. The most interesting point of note for mobile gamers though is this. “Expanding our brands’ universes and bringing them to a significantly wider audience through F2P on consoles, PC and mobile”.

Growing the Ubisoft audience

While the mention of Ubisoft trying to expand their audience on the “big three” platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, and PC) is nothing particularly new, the fact that mobile has been listed as one of the targeted platforms itself is promising. Ubisoft hasn’t put in that much effort in dabbling in the mobile market in the past and this new development certainly falls in line with their new business model.

The company themselves had recently confirmed that they were looking to make more “free-to-play” titles, a move that was greeted with skepticism from the gaming community. Ubisoft’s push to make their titles free-to-play has also been apparent in their recent main titles such as Assassins Creed which have featured an increasing number of microtransactions, much to the community’s displeasure.

Nonetheless, it is a no-brainer that Android and iOS are among the top platforms when it comes to the free-to-play arena and Ubisoft has certainly seemed to have realized the long-term potential in tapping into the mobile market. This has been backed up by the announcement of a mobile spin-off of The Division earlier this year, which is still early in development.

What could the new elusive title be

Ubisoft offered little hints as to what the new, yet to be announced mobile game could be about but nonetheless we can resort to speculation, at least for now. Unlike Valorant and even Apex Legends, a mobile spin-off of Rainbow Six: Siege is unlikely, given the nature of the game although of course, we can’t rule anything out. It is also possible that Ubisoft is looking to release a free-to-play Assassins Creed title on mobile.

Valorant and Apex Legends
Valorant and Apex Legends

The last Assassins Creed title on mobile was AC: Rebellion which was released back in 2018. Given the fact that Ubisoft is looking to capture a wider audience, particularly in developing countries where mobile gaming is popular, the new unannounced title will most likely be a known, popular IP rather than an entirely new one.

Whatever the new game by Ubisoft maybe by the end of March 2022 or beyond, the report is still extremely promising and bodes well for the long-term future of mobile gaming.

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