Unreal Engine games on Android and iOS will now be supported with AWS GameKit

Developers can now build AWS powered game features!

AWS GameKit now supports Unreal Engine-based Android and iOS games, according to the announcement by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS GameKit, which debuted on March 23, 2022, allows game creators to create AWS-powered game features directly from the Unreal Editor with just a few clicks. The AWS GameKit plugin for Unreal Engine has been updated to support game developers working on Android and iOS games.

AWS GameKit plugin for Unreal Engine enables the integration of cloud-based features

The AWS GameKit plugin for Unreal Engine allows game creators to add the following cloud-based gaming elements to their Android or iOS games:

  • Identity and Authentication: Create unique identities for each player and allow players to sign in to your game. Verify player identities and manage player sessions.
  • Achievements: Create and track game-related rewards earned by players.
  • Game State Cloud Saving: Maintain a synchronized copy of player game progress in the cloud to allow players to resume gameplay across sessions.
  • User Gameplay Data: Maintain game-related data for each player, such as inventory, statistics, and cross-play persistence.

AWS GameKit comes with a complete solution for each game feature as well as an architecture built on the AWS Well-Architected Framework. AWS CloudFormation templates build up all of the AWS resources required to power each game feature with only a few clicks and no prior knowledge of AWS tools and services. Simply call the GameKit API after configuring the game backend to offer cloud-based feature capability to the game client.

aws gameKit
Image via Unreal Engine

AWS GameKit is a bundle of tools for game developers who want to manage their cloud resources themselves. Each feature is totally customizable and operates on the AWS account of the developer. AWS GameKit gives developers access to the source code, allowing them to see and tweak each game element.

The AWS GameKit plugin is available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace, or it can be downloaded straight from the AWS GameKit website. Libraries, samples, and more documentation are included in the download.

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