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Vahn’s Quest: SuperPlanet’s new Idle RPG is now available on Android and iOS

The game is finally out!

Vahn’s QuestSuperPlanet’s latest Endless Growth Idle RPG, is now available for download for both Android on Google Play as well as iOS devices on Apple App Store. This game is a casual RPG featuring adorable cartoon characters and characters that will inspire a desire to collect, as well as other entertaining materials like mini-games.

Vahn is seeking other heroes to travel with him on his quest in “Vahn’s Quest.” For courageous knights and intrepid explorers who are prepared to go on the adventure, a number of activities, including Attendance Events and other enjoyable community events, will be hosted to mark the launch.

Vahn’s Quest features simple gameplay mechanics with an amazing story

The most important thing in the game is Gold Collection

Gold is necessary to level up several characters, including the protagonist “Vahn.” By gathering gold, which can be done by simply clicking on the Gold Wagon on the main screen, players can increase the level of their heroes. Of course, Gold Wagon continues to produce gold even when it is not active as an idle game. The production will considerably rise if the players gather wood and upgrade the gold wagon. It is consequently essential to defeat the monsters and upgrade the gold wagon with the acquired wood.

Vahns Quest available
Image via SuperPlanet

Investing rubies in Buff Scrolls will be a good idea to ace the game

Rubies will build up when the players finish quests and dungeons. To use ruby as efficiently as possible, it is advised to purchase Buff Scrolls. There are three different kinds of buff scrolls: the Time Saving Buff, which quickens gameplay, the Attack Buff, which obtains support from spirits, and the Gold Boost Buff, which boosts gold gain. Players that actively use these three perks will grow extremely quickly and unknowingly level up to 1000 and 2000.

Equipment enhancement must be higher than advanced equipment

In order to clear a stage, equipment is just as crucial as gold gathering. The equipment that heroes wear can make them stronger than anyone could have ever imagined, but players must be aware that improving common equipment will have little impact.

Vahn's Quest available
Image via Superplanet

Our players should concentrate on strengthening the advanced equipment with three or more stars gained when taking down the boss because the more stars an item has, the better its effect is when it is strengthened.

Vahn’s Quest is a game that will allow players to experience the joy of character development firsthand. It’s entertaining to watch the protagonists battle tougher bosses in their new clothes as they evolve into one of roughly 100 distinct costumes. A dungeon with mini-games will open as the players advance through the stages, presenting a fresh selection of entertainment and appeal through games like slingshot shooting and ruby manufacturing.

Are you excited as Vahn’s Quest is now available for download? Let us know in the comments below!

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