XF: Football Arena is an upcoming football game now available on early access

The game looks like a futuristic take on street football

XF: Football Arena is a new and upcoming football game that has been opened up for early access in the Google Play Store. The sports game looks like a futuristic take on street football, also known as futsal, with a very digitalized and ultra-modern setting similar to the PC game Cyberpunk

Gameplay Overview

In the game, you’ll be able to control a player which will be one of the three players present per side. The players, called heroes, will be available for selection pre-match and you’ll be able to choose from a list of characters that you can play with. Besides, while waiting for the matchmaking to find an opponent, you can hone your skills in the training ground which will be available pre-game.

The matches are short, with each match lasting for approximately 3 minutes and the game is moderately fast-paced. Quick tackles and acute movements define the game, with its futuristic touch extending to balls being shot as a laser beam while making a long pass.

XF: Football Arena early access
XF: Football Arena gameplay

Each character or player/hero that you pick will have its own perks and particular weak spots; also you can develop the abilities of the character by leveling them up which will unlock new abilities available for use in-game. The game modes are divided into seasons where players can rank up and grab a spot in the leaderboard by completing certain tasks and missions which will also give special rewards. 

The game is somewhat unique but still repetative

While the game should get credit where it’s due for having a unique approach, it still feels rudimentary and kind of repetitive in the early access. While there’s still room for development as the developers haven’t released the final launch version yet, the success of the game depends on how much the game will develop and how it will be updated through patches and fixes in the long run.

As of yet, no general release date has been announced and you can download try out the game from the link given earlier in the article.

Are you excited to play XF: Football Arena, which is currently on early access? Let us know in the comments below!

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