Bibi World review: A Fall Guys clone for mobile devices

Dash as fast as you can, Dodge hundreds of obstacles and Jump to the finish line!

BiBi World is an MMO party game that entered early access a short while ago. It was developed by Projects-X and is only available on Android as of now. It didn’t take us much time to realize that this game is a Fall Guys knockoff on mobiles. While playing the game, we encountered certain problems that ruined the experience for us and also found out that although the devs claim that this is a multiplayer game, you go up against bots. But keeping everything in mind the game isn’t all that bad but some issues need to be looked at. Here in this article, we will review BiBi World and share our first impressions of the game.

BiBi World offers 4 different game modes

Starting off with the BiBi World review, there are 4 game modesRace Royale, Rocket Arena, Football, and Kart. Race Royale is the only game mode available right now and the others are works in progress. To be honest, we are pretty excited for Kart racing and Rocket Arena game mode.

BiBi World review

There are options like laughs, hats, and colors which you can unlock by playing the game. You can have two characters: BiBi Boy and Bibi Girl and you can customize them with the options available. Earlier, they had these jelly bean-shaped characters but that changed not too long ago.

There are no IAPs and you can get things like hats and character colors by playing the game. There are no pay-to-win options and the game is entirely free to play.

The gameplay is very similar to Fall Guys

While the other game modes are still being worked on, Race Royale is the only one that is available. In Race Royale, you basically have to reach the finish line and become a qualifier, just like the original Fall guys game. In each round, there are a set number of qualifiers and if you don’t make it to the finish line in time, it’s game over for you.

BiBi World review

The obstacles are not really that hard to get across and it took me just three tries to win a Race Royale however the camera angle adjustment was a major pain while playing (elaborated upon later in this review).

The game has colorful graphics and smooth controls

The graphics and audio are actually pretty good and just like Fall Guys, the vibrant colors jump at you. The buildings and skyscrapers around you look pretty cool and the in-game music sets a good vibe. Heading over to the Plaza, you get more time there to stand around and look at stuff. The graphics there aren’t too bad either and we honestly kind of liked it there.

BiBi World review

The controls are fine for the most part and easy to get used to but the camera angle slider is too sensitive and once you change it, trying to revert it back to normal is really difficult. It makes the entire experience hard to enjoy and is very annoying. In obstacle courses where you have to change direction, you also need to adjust the camera angle but because of how jittery the process is in the game, you get trapped and slowed down.

Bugs and glitches are a part of the game

We saw the most bugs and glitches while at the Plaza. There, you can walk right into mountains and balloons pass through floors and walls. The bots over there sort of huddle like a sports team and keep running into each other for some reason. We are not sure if this is intentional but it definitely seems like a bug.

In the Race Royale, we noticed that often, the other players start running as soon as the starting countdown reaches 0. This is probably because they’re bots and are programmed to start running at the same instant as the countdown reaches 0. However, this places you at a disadvantage as you don’t get your controls till the countdown reaches 0 as well and the other bots get a headstart. It really isn’t that hard to gain back on the bots but a disadvantage is a disadvantage.

Final Verdict

The game has the potential to be a good party game but certain things can be worked on. The lack of players is one of the biggest obstacles the game itself has to cross and certain bugs and features have to be worked on to make the game smoother.

Aside from that, the upcoming game modes show promise and even though it’s a knockoff of a very popular game, it’s not that bad and you should give it a play. While there is no official mobile game from Fall Guys coming anytime soon, we can get the taste of it by playing BiBi World on our mobile devices.

What are your opinions on the BiBi World game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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