Summer of Memories review: A relaxing and humble chronicle

An adventure game with a relaxing experience

Over the past couple of months, there’s been an increasingly high number of stylized Adventure games on the mobile platform, the number keeps getting higher and higher with the recent release of Summer of Memories. In this article, we shall see the review of Summer of Memories by rating various performance parameters of the game.

The storyline brings back precious memories

As Summer break finally arrives, and little Sosuke has been waiting for this moment the whole school year. He decides to pack with him some supplies and loads it up inside of his backpack, then he stretches out his hands to grab his trusty bug net.

Summer of Memories review

The little traveler is all set and ready to embark on a little adventure, and perhaps make merry memories along the way.

A casual, yet relaxing adventure

The game starts as a casual adventure and consideration the nature of the story, it’s no surprise that it is also very relaxing. A true classic from Jagex Co-developers. They are the same Japanese studio that developed many casual and heartwarming titles like Hungry Hearts Diner and Showa Candy Shop.

Your character and protagonist are free to do as he pleases now that it’s summer. At the commencement of each day, you get to choose what items Sosuke brings along with him on his adventure, then they can decide on which location to explore.

There’s a lot to explore, it’s about the experience.

Sosuke’s adventure will change and have turnarounds depending on the sort of stuff you give him and the kind of places you send him, so you will want to explore the entire island instead of tiny bits. You never know what he will find on his expeditions. Could be new treasures, friends, or even cool secret hideouts.

Summer of Memories review

There are no time limits on your exploration, there are no such restricting energy systems or anything like a high score to chase. Summer of Memories is simply all about the experience. Take your time and enjoy the painting and wistful artwork and its very relaxing soundtrack, while Sosuke makes the most out of his peaceful Summer vacation.

However, the seasons are ever-changing and Summer will eventually come to an end. Sosuke’s adventure will bring him to meet and stumble into friendly and interesting people along the way, and their stories will shape the future of the whole island.

Final Verdict

Summer of Memories is an easy-to-play narrative game set in Japan in the late Showa era. Simply pick a few items for your protagonist to put into his backpack for the day and he’ll be off to explore. And when he returns, he’ll regale you with both sad and sweet tales of his adventures.

The game is free to play from start to finish with no IAPs of any sort. Summer of Memories is a humble chronicle, yet even the most ordinary of things have their ways of staying in our hearts forever.

What are your opinions on the Summer of Memories game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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Thank you for sharing your opinion on this adorable game! I recently downloaded the app and I look forward to continuing and reading the touching and sweet storyline.

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