Tacticool 5v5 Shooter: A game with intense fast-paced battles

Tacticool 5v5 Shooter is a topdown fast-paced shooting game developed by Panzerdog. The competitive player versus player combat is exciting and provides many ways to dispatch your enemies. Here are my thoughts on the good and bad qualities of Tacticool 5v5 shooter.

Game Modes

There are several maps, but two basic game modes. First, there is the deathmatch mode where you try to kill as many of the enemies as you can before the timer runs. This mode also features a money bag that will passively generate points for whichever player carries it. Though this mode is fun to play, it can be very hard to come back from a deficit. Once the enemy gets their hands on the money bag they can choose to sit in a corner and wait for you to run in and die. Utilizing a sniper rifle and teamwork can help to break their defenses, but they can implement the same strategy. The second mode is sort of like king of the hill where you must control an area for as long as you can to earn points. I find this mode to be more fair because typically the control points are more out in the open and can be strategically attacked. However, for the most part, people just run at the enemy until someone dies.

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Skill Check vs. Stat Check

This game is mostly based on various different “stat checks” rather than “skill checks”. What I mean by that is that the game fires for you and manipulates the crosshairs for you when you aim. So what ends up happening is you face off with an enemy and one of you has the better weapon or has the right weapon for that shooting distance. There is an ability to roll and dodge away or throw a grenade. Unfortunately, if the other players have much better weapons than you, it is not possible to out skill them for very long. I am not saying there is no chance for skill expression but can it be rough if your enemy has deep pockets.


Team Play in Tacticool 5v5 Shooter

It can be very difficult to get your allies to cooperate with any sort of a strategy. Gameplay will be pretty chaotic unless you bring have friends who play or meet some people in-game. Not to mention there are bots in many of the games who are just farming points for the account. Sometimes I got a team that listened to the in-game communication pings and in those cases, we did really well. However, I wouldn’t count on the execution of any elaborate plans.

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Combat Diversity

Where Tacticool shines is in the diversity of ways in which you can take down your enemies. One of my favourite strategies is to drive around a car and run people over. However, don’t be surprised if one of your teammates runs over half your team while trying to use a car. There are also turrets around the map that can be used to take out whole teams of people, especially if positioned near a choke point. The five different weapon categories are much appreciated. Depending on the map or your team’s needs you can use anything from a shotgun for close-range or a sniper rifle for those long shots. Combat diversity in Tacticool is what keeps the game interesting and fun to play.

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Tacticool could definitely be labelled as a pay-to-win game. As I mentioned earlier, the game is mostly a stat check style game. Combine stat checking with a way to purchase exclusive weapons using real money and it becomes pay-to-win. By playing the game you can unlock most of the weapons and be semi-competitive. However, it is ultimately going to be decided by who brought the bigger real money purchased gun to the fight. Tacticool also offers a subscription-based Club Pass that increases your chances at getting items and unlocks special missions. I appreciate when games offer subscriptions because it is often a better deal than those games that do not, so I think the monetization of this game is acceptable.

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Final Thoughts on Tacticool 5v5 Shooter

I have had a lot of fun playing Tacticool 5v5 Shooter. The combat is interesting enough to keep my attention for many consecutive rounds and the rounds are short so losses don’t sting very badly. After getting blasted multiple times in a row by high-level weapons bought with real money it can get a little frustrating. However, this game is definitely enjoyable even if you don’t want to invest any money. If you enjoy shooters I highly recommend picking this game up and giving it a try.

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