Tappi review: A simple and casual musical experience

Play your favourite Bollywood songs on mobile

Tappi is a musical arcade game meant for Bollywood lovers designed by nCore Games. The same studio behind the release of FAU-G. The game was released on the 6th of November and has 10,000+ downloads. The game is not too different from other musical arcade games such as piano tiles. It features a bunch of trending Bollywood songs that you have to play along with. There’s not a lot else to it and the game mechanics are pretty easy to understand. Here in this article, we will review Tappi and share our first impressions of the game.

Tap and Swipe through the tiles

Starting off with Tappi review, once you’ve picked a song, the game starts. You need to click on the right tiles and clicking on the wrong one means a game over. You can still revive yourself by watching an advertisement. Clicking for longer on longer tiles gives you a better score and while playing, you also get disks that allow you to unlock new songs you can play with.

Tappi Review

That’s pretty much all there is to the main gameplay. You also have hearts and you lose one every time you play a game. Keep in mind that you only have a limited amount of hearts. You can also get items like hearts and disks as part of daily rewards.

Simple graphics and easy controls

There’s really not a lot in the way of graphics since the game is mostly about tiles however, the colors are sharp which makes it easier for you to distinguish tiles from each other. The audio is where the problems come in. Compared to other similar games like Magic Tiles, it often feels like in Tappi the song isn’t really in rhythm with the tiles which takes out the fun and interactive factor of the game. Wearing headphones is recommended for the game.

Tappi Review

The controls are pretty easy to understand since the only thing you have to do is tap on tiles with your fingers and going about it with both your thumbs is the best way to play. The UI is fine and you can get used to it pretty easily. There are options for unlocking new songs with disks, buying things with real money and some other options are still under development.

Listen to ad-free music without Spotify

We will start out by saying that you can play the game without paying a single penny. However, you certainly can make it better by paying for certain features. By paying you can get rid of advertisements and buy things like hearts and disks. There’s even a subscription option under development.

As compared to some other games, the advertisements aren’t really that intrusive and only pop up after around three games. The adverts aren’t too long either. Keeping in mind that this is a free game and needs the money to stay up, it’s pretty fair.

Final Verdict

The idea behind the game is pretty good and wants to target gamers who are into Bollywood but the execution could be better. The biggest problem which we came across was the feeling that tiles weren’t in sync with the music. At times we felt things were coming together but it just didn’t hold up. The choice of songs could be increased but you do have an okay number of songs as of now.

By adding in regional songs, the song could spread to more gamers into regional Indian songs. With some tweaks and updates, the game does have the potential to do better. There are some interesting upcoming features listed by the devs though, as in new regional songs and a brand new multiplayer mode! At present, however, the game is disappointing because the core game mechanics are flawed.

What are your opinions on the Tappi game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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