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Warhammer Odyssey review: A classic old school MMORPG

Forge your Odyssey

Warhammer Odyssey is one of those games which really remind you of how video games used to be back in the day. It reminded us of Order and Chaos and the game mechanics are just like the good old classic role-playing games. It’s one of those games which you play after getting home from work or school kicking back on the couch. We personally got pulled in and was engrossed in the game. Warhammer took the principles of traditional MMORPGs which don’t have features like auto-combat and auto-pathing and delivered a beautiful game to us. Here in this article, we will review Warhammer Odyssey and share our first impressions of the game.

The game offers classic old school graphics

Starting off with the Warhammer Odyssey review, the in-game graphics are pretty good and the environment is really beautiful (mostly cause the Old World has this rustic architectural feel). There’s a lot to see around you and we were almost amazed at how great the graphics were on this mobile game (but again, this was made by Warhammer.) Of course, the graphics quality depends on your device but for me, it was a great experience.

Warhammer Odyssey Review

Even while traveling from one place to another there are a lot of details you might miss at first glance. However, the graphics in the sewers aren’t exactly the best. To be honest, we are not really a big fan of the soundtracks most RPGs have. I personally prefer listening to something else while playing such games and while the sound effects weren’t so bad, the music was a bit generic.

Odyssey has an engaging Storyline

It all starts off when the races of Man, Elf, and Dwarves which have worked together against threats for centuries have to face Morrslieb, the Chaos moon. We started off as the Witch Hunter and was immediately thrown into battle after a brief tutorial.

You have to complete short quests and fight the Gor ambushers while using combos gives you something called conviction which you can use for special attacks. You move from one place to another and complete quests. Once you reach a new place on foot, you can fast travel if you want. For the most part, you go around fighting opponents and leveling up and there’s not much in the way of an end goal.

Warhammer Odyssey available through TapTap

We really liked the controls and fight mechanics. Unlike other games of this category where you just move around the character and there is no other interaction, Odyssey allows you to interact more with the game and totally envelops you. The controls are quite easy to get used to.

Lots of Character customization and progression

You get the option to choose between 6 starter characters which are:

  • Archimage
  • Engineer
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Slayer
  • Warrior Priest
  • Witch Hunter

Each of the characters has a male and a female version and you have character customization options like your face, skin color, eye color, hair and beard style, hair color, and height. As you move on in the game, you can acquire different weapons and things like food and potions.

Warhammer Odyssey Review

Advancing further, you’ll have to fight enemies like giant spiders in the sewers and sell and purchase items such as weapons and tunics. However, you start getting overpowered at some point in time and quests become boring and monotonous. Once you reach level 10, you will be prompted to choose between two character specialization options. Each option will have its pros and cons but you can reset the option if you change your mind.

In App Purchases

While in-app purchases do exist within the game, most of them are just for cosmetic and quality of life purposes. They really don’t have that much of an impact on the actual game. You can level up your character with stat points and the purchases which can be made with real money don’t negatively impact the game for others and just make the game a bit more convenient. For things like better weapons and potions, you don’t need to spend and can get those just by grinding. Coming updates will also be free of charge. To make it short, the game is free to play and unless you want some fancy outfits, there’s no need to pay

Bugs, glitches, and optimization

The game is still in its early stages so there will be bugs but one of the things which annoy us a bit is that you can walk right through NPCs and things like chests. This is a fairly common bug and it really triggers our well-reserved OCD. Another bug we came across involved an NPC not moving while attacking me when it was supposed to. The game still needs to be optimized and certain devices may not be able to run it. That being said, we didn’t really find any other serious bugs while playing through.

Final Verdict

Returning to the old world felt really good and was a visual treat. The storyline is a really interesting one and shows promise. The graphics are pretty good and one of the things we loved most was the controls (try it out, you’ll see). Warhammer’s latest game has a lot of potentials, lives up to the expectations, and doesn’t disappoint. Odyssey was a breath of fresh air and an RPG which we were honestly excited for. One of the things we feel could be improved upon is character stats but it’s a great game overall. Remember the game is just coming out and eventually, after a couple of months, we can see a better-finished product with the addition of great new features.

What are your opinions on the Warhammer Odyssey game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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