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Arena Breakout Guide: Game Modes, Maps and How to play them

Challenge these unique game modes!

Arena Breakout is an action first-person shooter developed by Tencent Games, a prominent game developer from China. It offers various game modes and diverse maps for players to enjoy and conquer. Arena Breakout features two captivating game modes: Tactical Op Mode and Covert Op Mode. In this guide, players will know the difference between the game modes and the different maps associated with these challenges.

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Tactical Op Mode

Tactical Op mode takes you and your team into the Dark Zone as agents. In this mode, you must carefully choose and carry essential supplies like guns and medkits in your backpack, depending on the assigned mission. As you venture into the tasks, every encounter outside your team is hostile, demanding vigilance and caution.

Arena breakout game modes
Image via Tencent Games

In Tactical Op Mode, players are given the liberty to personalize their loadout for each mission. This allows them to choose the weapons, gear, and abilities that align with their playstyle, emphasizing strategic planning and maximizing their effectiveness in battles. This mode grants the freedom to create a unique character and playstyle tailored to individual preferences. In Tactical Op Mode, players can enjoy the following features:

Arena Breakout Guns Weapons Gunsmith Guide
Image via Tencent Games

1. Gunsmith System

Access to an extensive armory with diverse categories of firearms, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers. Players can customize their weapons by attaching different accessories to tailor them according to their preferences.

2. Gear Options

Choose from various gear items like body armor, tactical vests, helmets, grenades, smoke bombs, and flashbangs. Each gear item offers unique advantages and disadvantages, enabling players to create loadouts that align with their playstyles and tactical strategies.

3. Co-op Gameplay

Players can team up with friends in co-op mode, forming a cohesive squad where each member’s loadout and strategy complement each other. Working together effectively is crucial to overcome the game’s toughest challenges.

Covert Op Mode

Covert Operations, also known as Camouflage mode, involves entering the Dark Zone as a rogue agent. Unlike predefined load-outs, players receive random weapons and gear from the game. After completing the mission, they must reach the extraction point to secure their loot. Failing to extract results in defeat and the loss of gathered items.

However, players can reenter Covert Operations with a fresh set of weapons and items for another thrilling mission. Covert Op Mode in Arena Breakout offers a distinct approach by equipping players with random gear when they embark on missions.

Unlike Tactical Op Mode, where you can carefully customize your loadout, Covert Op Mode challenges you to adapt and think on your feet with the equipment you are given. This mode tests your ability to handle unpredictable situations, emphasizing adaptability and quick decision-making. In this mode, players must rely on their adaptability, quick decision-making, and resourcefulness to succeed and expect the following:

1. Randomized Equipment

When you enter missions in Covert Op Mode, the game will randomly assign your character a set of equipment. This can include weapons, gear, and abilities that you might not be familiar with or haven’t used before. This randomness adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the gameplay.

2. Limited Resources

Since you won’t have control over your loadout, you may find yourself with limited resources compared to what you might have chosen in Tactical Op Mode. This scarcity forces you to be more cautious with your actions, ammo usage, and tactical approach to each mission.

3. Versatility and Flexibility

Covert Op Mode encourages players to think on their feet and adapt to various situations. You’ll need to make the best use of the randomized equipment at hand and improvise your strategies based on the circumstances you encounter during the mission.

Arena Breakout Maps

Before delving into any game mode in Arena Breakout, understanding the maps is crucial for success. Presently, players have the opportunity to explore five distinct maps, each offering its own captivating landscapes and diverse locations. These maps are thoughtfully designed to provide players with fresh and immersive experiences every time they enter. Navigating through these unique environments, players will encounter various challenges and tactical opportunities that require adaptability and strategic thinking.

1. The Farm

In Arena Breakout, one of the available maps is “The Farm,” featuring various buildings, including a prominent two-story motel situated in the southern region. Inside the motel, players can discover a vast cache of military supplies.

Arena Breakout Farm
Image via Tencent Games

The map also encompasses intersecting pathways where hostile militants used to patrol expansive wheatfields. To access this map, players must have a minimum character level of one.

2. The Valley

You can also explore “The Valley” map, which features a beach villa housing stolen ammunition and luxury items, along with a valley camp filled with abandoned supplies. While playing on this map, it’s essential to stay vigilant and watch out for potential threats hiding in the bushes.

Arena Breakout valley
Image via Tencent Games

To gain access to this map, your character must reach a minimum level of eight, as entry is restricted below that level.

3. The North Ridge

The North Ridge map is centered around a hotel that serves as a stronghold for Fred and his formidable soldiers. Inside the hotel lies a wealth of valuable supplies, making it a desirable target for players.

Arena Breakout North ridge
Image via Tencent Games

However, getting to the hotel won’t be an easy task, as elite militants fiercely guard it, presenting a formidable obstacle to overcome. To take on this challenging map, players must attain a character level of at least twelve.

4. The Armory

On the Armory map, players must discover an alternative entrance since all regular access points are sealed off. Once inside, they’ll face a formidable battle against the most powerful militants, providing a unique and challenging experience.

Arena Breakout Armory
Image via Tencent Games

Evacuation methods within the armory are unconventional, adding to the intensity of the gameplay. This map poses the highest difficulty level in the game, and players must be at least level sixteen to enter.

5. The TV Station

In Arena Breakout, the “TV Station” map offers a modern and sleek design, featuring a spacious parking lot and a massive building comprising various offices and facilities. The architecture is carefully crafted to provide a dynamic and engaging gameplay environment.

Arena Breakout TV station
Image via Tencent Games

As players navigate through the TV Station map, they will encounter diverse areas, each presenting unique challenges and strategic opportunities.


Each map offers unique challenges with different bosses to battle, valuable loot locations, and crucial extraction points within the two game modes offered. However, to explore and conquer these diverse areas, your character must reach specific level requirements based on the map’s difficulty.

To progress efficiently, focus on leveling up your character by completing quests, engaging in battles, and mastering gameplay mechanics. Additionally, consider teaming up with other players for cooperative efforts to tackle tougher challenges and expedite your advancement through the game’s thrilling landscapes.

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