Minecraft player builds Kratos’ Home from God of War in the game

God of War meets Minecraft!

In yet another amazing example of the ways in which players are free to be creative in the game of Minecraft and bring to life some really good inspirations, we have a new build to show off, this time featuring an element from another game. So far, we’ve seen a bunch of different structures constructed by expert builders with a passion for the game, and today, the world of God of War has come to meet the blocky overworld after a player built Kratos’ Home in Minecraft. 

The player creates his own representation of Kratos’ Home in Minecraft

Posted by u/JayBeae on the God of War subreddit, the game shows off the cabin, which actually resembles the actual inspiration pretty well. The builder also got some feedback and positive replies in the comments from other fans of both games who loved the build. It might not be as big or grand as some others we’ve seen so far but it quite certainly captures the essence. 

If you liked this build as well, there are quite a few others as well that are crafted very well and those include a giant Crab Statue, a cute little Turtle Sanctuary, a giant PacMan arcade machine, a base in a globe, the Nether being terraformed, a baseball stadium, a giant statue, the recreation of a DOOM poster, Africa’s Toto, and Metallica’s Master of Puppets album cover.

Minecraft Kratos’ Home
Image via Reddit

There were also actually playable games like Snake game created by a genius Redstone engineer, Valorant, and Super Mario, locations like SpongeBob SquarePants’ Krusty Krab, abandoned and urban cities, the fictional planet of Gallifrey, Bloodborne’s Yharnam, One Piece’ Onigashima, the Milky Way which got featured on an official Minecraft video and even more. We can’t miss out on the real-life door resembling the design of an in-game door or the 3D print of a world either. 

What are your thoughts about Kratos’ Home in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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