Minecraft player recreates a part of iconic shooter DOOM in the game

Demon slaying action in the blocky world!

After a few Minecraft players roaming the Nether creating trouble ended up recreating an accidental version of the iconic doom poster with some Piglins, we now have an intentional recreation after a player made a section of the iconic shooter that gave birth to a whole new generation of games, inspired by DOOM. 

Before we get into this build though, we must also recap previous builds which include an actual real-world door inspired by Minecraft, a giant Crab Statue, a cute little Turtle Sanctuary, a giant PacMan arcade machine, a base in a globe, the Nether being terraformed, a baseball stadium, a giant statue, Africa’s Toto, and Metallica’s Master of Puppets album cover.

Player recreates a portion of the DOOM map in Minecraft

Posted on Reddit by the user u/ZeppyTube, who created a portion of the map. The build isn’t complete of course, however, in a comment from the creator, it said “To be fair I haven’t added in all the secrets so when I make the full map I’ll make another video on it with the secrets and all items”

One of the comments says “Woah, this is so cool! A very faithful recreation, too. The sound effects and music are also a really nice touch.”

Minecraft DOOM recreation
Image via Reddit

There were also other playable games like Snake game created by a genius Redstone engineer, Valorant, and Super Mario, locations like SpongeBob SquarePants’ Krusty Krab, abandoned urban cities, the fictional planet of Gallifrey, Bloodborne’s Yharnam, One Piece’ Onigashima, the Milky Way which got featured on an official Minecraft video and even more. This build is a playable one.

Such builds are always amazing to look at and as we’ve mentioned before, showcase the amount of creativity and expression that is found in the game. 

What are your thoughts about the recreation of DOOM in Minecraft? Let us know in the comment section below!

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