Minecraft fan accidentally recreates the iconic DOOM poster in the game

DOOM, but in a more blocky form!

We’re talking about Minecraft once again. Today, we have something rather different with the accidental recreation of another iconic title. After seeing the Krusty Krab from SpongeBob SquarePants reconstructed, a playable version of the classic Snake game by a Redstone wiz, a Redstone-based rendition of Toto’s Africa, and Bloodborne’s Yharnam, all in Minecraft, we have the recreation of the poster of classic shooter, DOOM, which was accidentally set up by some Minecraft players running about in the Nether. 

Some other Minecraft builds we’ve seen so far are majestic Pyramids, a recreation of Valorant, an ice boat track spanning across dimensions, an abandoned city, Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule Castle, One Piece’s Onigashima, Doctor Who’s Planet Gallifrey, the entire Milky Way galaxy, several recreations from Mario’s universe and few more.

Someone angered the Piglins in the blocky world of Minecraft

The screenshot taken by Minecraft player and Reddit user u/Platinumspoons, shows their friend surrounded by a horde of Piglins. And while there are some minor edits, putting in the DOOM and id logo, the rest of the poster pretty much comes from an accidental encounter with the creatures who roam about the hellish nether. 

Some of the comments under the post also added suggestions for how the picture could’ve matched the original even better, adding “It would have been even better if there were ghasts behind”, to which another user replied “and some lava.”

This isn’t the first time we’re seen something DOOM-related making its way into the blocky game. There was also a Mod that allowed players to play DOOM inside Minecraft. That’s right, someone actually modded the game and it’s surprisingly really well done. This feature serves the job of showcasing just how some moments in the game can be dangerous yet picture-perfect at the same time. 

What are your thoughts as a player recreates DOOM poster in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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