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PUBG Mobile: Why Livik isn’t preferred by players

The smallest map is not liked by many

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is exclusively available for Indian players and simultaneously, it is just a copy of PUBG Mobile with a few differences. Therefore, all the maps such as Erangel, Sanhok, Livik, Karakin, and the sniper’s favorite Miramar, are the same as PUBG Mobile. All the maps in the game have their own unique features, but Livik is a mixture of them all, having the essence of all the other maps with some extra features such as waterfalls, beautiful blossoms, colorful houses, and more. However, players don’t prefer the gameplay in Livik. In the initial days of the update when Livik appeared for the first time on mobile, this map became popular. Eventually, its popularity declined with time. Read further to know the reasons why Livik is not preferred by PUBG Mobile players. 

Third parties annoy every now and then

Players fall into the trap of third parties, where some may survive, some may not. Very few BGMI players like these third parties, unless they are the third party. However, being a third party is not a regular occurrence. Moreover, the map is very small, so third-party fights and being caught by two enemy squads are a bit common in Livik.

These kinds of fights may end up kicking some players in the lobby and out of the game. Therefore, aggressive and intense gameplay in almost every match is one of the reasons that not all players prefer this map.

Livik is the smallest map

Out of five other maps, Livik is the smallest, but it is equal to Karakin. It is only 2km x 2km, so a player cannot even sit somewhere and breathe for a moment. He has to fight or cook up strategies every minute for survival, a major reason why Livik is not preferred by PUBG Mobile players.

The map is small and can accommodate 64 players. Also, not every player is a rigorous fighter. Those who are campers or rank pushers never come back to this map. 

Not every player gets chicken dinners

Many players like longer battles with true BR experience. Livik is not preferred by these PUBG Mobile players because matches on this map last for 15 minutes only. Also, rank pushers, new players, and campers may not survive till the last circle as they are killed off within a few minutes of landing. So, no chicken dinners for them.

PUBG Mobile Livik
The Livik Map

Moreover, every BGMI user is not a pro player or a player that only rushes on enemies. So, learn a little skill for close-range combat and take away your chicken dinner. But again, skills are lacking in most of the players or rank pushers. Therefore, in this map, the chicken dinner is only limited to pro and regular players.  

The monster truck is of no use 

This map is so small that none of the vehicles are useful as players engage themselves in fights. And when the circle gets smaller, the players simply run towards the safe zone instead of fighting a car. Moreover, as the map is small, fewer cars spawn.

There is a monster truck. You can find it on this map as it is exclusively available for Livik. It is big in size; a player can be safe in it from enemies, but only if he keeps moving, as enemies are camping and waiting for you to stop. Furthermore, monster trucks are loved by all, so maybe you won’t get it. And even if you do, you might not get the time to explore the map with it. 

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