CRL West 2020 to start from Mid May

Earlier today Supercell announced that CRL (Clash Royale League) West 2020 first season has been postponed with an estimated kick-off date around mid-May.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Supercell has postponed the Clash Royale League West’s first season of 2020.

As you all know, recent developments with the Coronavirus have caused major health concerns and risks throughout the globe. Due to this, we’ve had to rethink and shift our CRL West strategy and plans

Supercell added that its 2019 esports partner, OGN America withdrawing from the CRL further fuels the need to postpone till they find the right partner.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added further complications which made Supercell rethink and shift its CRL West 2020 strategy. The health of its players, teams, and staff remains Supercell’s top priority and they are taking specific measures for the same.

Supercell has estimated the new kick-off date for the CRL should be around mid-May. The 1st season will be an online format ranging between 5-7 weeks. 2nd season will follow targeted to start early August.

Meanwhile, The Eastern region of the CRL will start with its special season on April 2. Fans in the West can still enjoy the action through community tournaments which Supercell has been supporting such as the ongoing No Tilt Worlds as well as Super League’s Pro vs Pro and Mobile Matt’s Mobilize for Australia.

Are you excited for the CRL West 2020? Which team are you supporting? Do let us know in the comments below!

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