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GH crowned as champions of Southeast Asia Identity V Championship (SEA IVC) 2022

The third Southeast Asia IVC of Identity V by NetEase Games has come to a successful end.

Identity V by NetEase Games‘ third Southeast Asia IVC (SEA IVC) 2022 came to a successful conclusion on September 11. GH was crowned as champions of the 2022 Southeast Asia IVC and clinched a spot in the Identity V’s Call of the Abyss Global VI Finals without any qualifying rounds.

The Southeast Asia IVC 2022 Offline Finals took place in Bangkok, Thailand’s premier business district, Samyan Mitrtown. For the final round of competition, the four clubs BL, Zt, Nr, and GH that made it through the knockout stage assembled in Bangkok.

Champions GH presented a fierce competition during the SEA IVC 2022 finals

Four great teams from all throughout Southeast Asia competed for the championship trophy over the course of the two-day Southeast Asian IVC final from September 10 to September 11. The two teams that ultimately faced off during the playoff round were the Zt and the GH. On the 11th, they carried a fantastic and intense championship match to the finals stage. In this B05 game, the two teams Survivors and Regulators demonstrated a very high degree of operation.

At the most thrilling time of the tournament, GH displayed no fear in the face of danger in the game by repeatedly returning to it. Everyone can see that their sole objective was to become the champion. And Zt, which is also capable, didn’t give in and repeatedly put its adversaries in jeopardy. In Bangkok, the two best teams faced off in a do-or-die game, setting the stage for an exciting match.

SEA IVC 2022 champions GH
Image via NetEase

The Southeast Asian IVC title was ultimately won by GH with a 3:1 score, and they were able to take home the trophy in Bangkok, Thailand. GH has also earned a spot in the Identity V’s Call of the Abyss Global VI Finals at the same time.

The first offline finals attracted a large audience

The offline finals of the Southeast Asia IVC this year were the first in three years. The site, Samyan Mitrtown, is a cutting-edge and well-known retail centre in the neighbourhood that also offers a comfortable setting for the audience to witness the competition.

It is located in the center of Bangkok’s commercial zone. The final stage was in the mall’s atrium, with an open design that includes the stage, commentary table, and interaction space to bring the spectators closer to the action. Locals from a lot of places came to see the game.

SEA IVC 2022 final
Image via NetEase

Popular commentators and Identity V players provided the audience with expert on-site commentary at the same time. Fans of Identity V in Thailand have been treated to a memorable carnival thanks to the professional cosplayers who lined the stage.

They attracted the audience to engage with them and take pictures while adding to the pleasure of the game. In September, the best teams from Southeast Asia came together with the Thai public to create a special Carnival of Identity V that was just for Southeast Asia.

Competitive teams from the Southeast Asian region have been drawn to the Southeast Asian IVC. This tournament is known for its intense competitiveness, teams’ unwavering spirits, and their surprising but spectacular performance at key moments. The SEA IVC 2022 final is a significant Identity V event in this region, drawing a large crowd to watch the championship match. GH ultimately won the competition and will compete in the IVS and the COA the following year.

What are your thoughts as GH is crowned as the champions of SEA IVC 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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