LilyPichu crowned as the champion of UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars

The Wildcard Series All-Stars finals reached a peak viewership of 51,329 people

The UNO Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars competition’s first champion has been announced by Mattel163, a leading international game developer and publisher. The weekend finals of UNO Mobile Wildcard Series: All Stars saw internet star LilyPichu crowned as champion, who is also known for her live video game streaming and popular gaming parody songs.

The All-Stars competition was a first for UNO! Mobile. During the competition, it received over 20 million views as viewers tuned in to witness live streams and the best highlights of 16 elite gamers competing for a solid gold UNO wildcard.

UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars: As it happened

Orange Juice and BenTimm1 were the tournament favorites because of their daring early plays and gameplay that focused on strategy. But when the fan favorites were voted back into the finals, the tournament experienced an unexpected change of events. LilyPichu went to the finals after being chosen by UNO! Mobile players, after losing in week two to Bobby Plays and NoahFromYoutube.

Her return to the game and victory in the finals, after competing against three other influencers, led to the defeat of fellow Wildcard Series finalist kkatamina and put an end to the winning streak of week one winners BenTimm1 and Orange Juice. Fans of UNO! Mobile from all over the world was drawn to this famous card game’s mobile adaptation because of its wildly unexpected gameplay.

UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series
Image via Mattel163

Fans of UNO! Mobile from all over the world was drawn to this gameplay because it was so absolutely surprising but also so easily accessible. The finals live stream was the most popular video game category on YouTube, with a peak audience of 51,329 people. Participants in the All-Stars competition Valkyrae, Sykkuno, LilyPichu, CouRage, and host Ludwig all topped the charts and were among the top 10 live gaming streams on YouTube.

Over 20 million people watched the competition in total, via platforms used by both UNO! Mobile and the celebrity players who took part. The highly unexpected yet user-friendly gameplay of his famous card game on mobile caught the attention of UNO! Mobile fans all over the world.

LilyPichu says she is honored to take home the solid gold UNO wildcard, “This is one of the things I’ll keep until I am 80 years old. And if I have grandchildren, I’ll say ‘I won the UNO Mobile Tournament in August 2022!’ I never expected UNO! Mobile could be an esport, I thought it was much more casual. But as I was playing in the All-Stars Tournament, I was actually trying! I found myself sweating a little bit.”

A New Era of Mobile Esports with Accessibility and Inclusion is being brought by Mattel163

The UNO! Mobile Wildcard series’ debut tournament, hosted by Mattel163, was a success, which contributes to the growth of the competitive mobile esports sector. Using the competition to highlight the enormous potential of UNO! Mobile as an approachable esport, Mattel163 together with 16 outstanding producers, including the most popular female broadcaster on YouTube, Valkyrae, and CouRage, an esports legend.

Congratulations to LilyPichu, the first UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series champion ever! She pulled out a show stopping win and it’s fantastic to see more female players making their mark in competitive gaming.  All the All-Stars gamers gave a spectacular effort across the competition, and it’s been phenomenal seeing how people have engaged with our UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series tournament. Community, accessibility and inclusion are all important pillars of our game, and breaking into the esports space with such resounding success really affirms our efforts to establish UNO! Mobile as a competitive title.

Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163

With more than 200 million players worldwide and more than 1.6 billion mobile card game downloads expected this year, UNO! Mobile is paving the way for a new era of mobile esports that puts accessibility and inclusivity first. For all UNO gamers, UNO! Mobile offers a competitive but surprising experience. The highly unexpected yet user-friendly gameplay of his famous card game on mobile caught the attention of UNO! Mobile fans all over the world.

What are your thoughts on LilyPichu being the UNO Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars champion? Drop your opinions in the comments!

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