Nova E-sports won the Brawl Stars World Championship 2019

The first Brawl Stars World Champion has emerged, and the team is none other than Nova E-sports, the giant of the mobile e-sports industry. 8 teams from all over the world competed to win the Brawl Stars World Championship 2019 at the G-STAR Bexco Arena in Busan, South Korea on Nov, 15 and 16, with Nova Esports becoming the first Brawl Stars World Champion. Here are the results.

Map and Modes

The Quarter-finals, semi-finals, and Finals, all had the same game-modes in play: Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Heist, Bounty, and Siege, but the maps were different. The teams were also allowed to ban one Brawler of their choice, resulting in two Brawlers being banned. Of these, those teams that won in 3 of the 5 game-modes or sets, as they were called, went through to the semi-finals, and in the semi-finals, those teams that won 3 of the 5 sets, advanced to the Finals.


The quarter-finals saw the eight best teams from around the world duke it out to make it to the semi-finals, and eventually, to the Finals.

1. Spacestation Gaming vs 3Bears: Spacestation Gaming (SEA and Oceania) squared off against the hometown heroes, 3Bears. SSG played really well, but 3Bears won the required 3 of the 5 sets and advanced to the Semi-finals. 3BS Moding was the best player for 3Bears.

2. Spacestation Gaming Brazil vs Tribe Gaming: In this match, Tribe Gaming from NA went up against Spacestation Gaming’s Brazilian team. In spite of some close calls, Tribe Gaming booked their semi-final berth. JackChepo was Tribe’s MVP.

3. PSG E-sports vs Animal Chanpuru: PSG E-sports from EU faced Animal Chanpuru from Japan. AC pulled off a great victory, while sending the expected winners packing. AC Hagego was their MVP.

4. Nova E-sports vs DrHK: The mobile e-sports Goliath brushed aside the DrHK’s challenge, winning 3 sets and stomping into the semi-finals. Nova’s SpenLC said that there was no particular MVP because all the players played their A-game.


1. Nova E-sports vs Tribe Gaming: A match between two of the biggest esports teams in the world. It was thrilling, as Tribe lost the first two sets, but bounced back in the third. The second Heist game had the audience on the edge of their seats, as Tribe pulled off a victory with just 1% health left on their safe. In the fourth set – Bounty, Tribe won the first game, but Nova gt the victory in the 2nd. In the third game, though, in the beginning, it looked like Tribe will win, but Nova snuck in a last-minute kill, getting a 1-star lead. That one kill sent Nova into the finals. Nova Cerulean was the MVP, pushing Tribe farther back, and helping his team get the much-needed kill.

2. 3Bears vs Animal Chanpuru: The hometown heroes – Korean team 3Bears faced the underdogs from Japan, Animal Chanpuru. This match turned out to be one of the best in the entire competition. 3Bears won the first two sets, but Animal Chanpuru came from behind to win the next two sets. It all came down to Siege, where Animal Chanpuru was the better team and sent home the hometown favorites.

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Finals: Nova E-sports bagged the Brawl Stars World Championship 2019

The finals took place between Nova E-sports and Animal Chanpuru. It was the battle of David vs Goliath, with AC being David, and Nova being Goliath. Many would expect this one to go down the traditional way, with David besting Goliath, but it went the other way, with Nova beating Animal Chanpuru, to be crowned the first Brawl Stars World Champion.

Brawl Star World Championship 2019

If you could not catch the action live, you can watch the matches here and here. If you have any queries, make sure to post them in the comments below.

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