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Adorable Home Guide: List of all the available Cats in the game

A list of all our furry friends in Adorable Home!

By this point, we all know that Adorable Home is one of the cutest RPG games out there. Developed by HyperBeard, it is a casual game that sees a family of us (the players), our partner, and a cat move into a new home in a nice neighborhood. When we first move into our new home, we only have one cat with us. This number can be increased by buying more Cat Boxes from the in-game shop. At the moment there are 12 different Cats available in the game. In this article, we will list out all of the Cats, their breed, and what they look like in Adorable Home

Since all of the cats are just that, cats, the love we get from each of them won’t differ that much from one to another. But the way we have to take care of them while stroking them and such definitely will differ. So it is recommended to spend time caring for each cat individually in order to understand them better. Now, without further ado, here is the list of all available cats in-game.

List of all the obtainable Cats in Adorable Home

1. Peanut

Image via HyperBeard

Peanut is a short-hair cat.

2. Tobby

Image via HyperBeard

Tabby is a tabby cat.

3. Niki

Image via HyperBeard

Niki is a short-hair cat.

4. Snow

Image via HyperBeard

Snow is the first kitty that we have when we move into our cute home. Snow is also a short-hair cat.

5. Oliver

Image via HyperBeard

Oliver is a short-hair cat.

6. Moka

Image via HyperBeard

Moka is a short-hair cat.

7. Elisabeth

Image via HyperBeard

Elisabeth is a Persian cat, with a beautiful golden crown on her head.

8. Tiger

Image via HyperBeard

Tiger is a tabby cat, with striped patterns like a tiger.

9. Gabu

Image via HyperBeard

Gabu is a short-hair cat.

Image via HyperBeard

Cookie is a short-hair cat.

11. Max

Image via HyperBeard

Max is also a tiger-like cat. His body is covered with a beautiful hue of orange.

12. Molly

Image via HyperBeard

Molly is a short-hair cat.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Those are all the cats available in Adorable Home at the moment. All of these little ones are very cute, and having them in the house will help us to get lots of love. It is recommended, though, to only get a few cats at a time.

Taking care of all of the cats at the same time can prove to be very challenging. Besides, each cat box costs 600 love points, so they are expensive. That’s why saving up the love points for unlocking the Garden and getting different Bento Boxes and their dishes should be the main priority.

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