Honor of Kings Beginners Guide and Tips

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Honor of Kings has just been released in Brazil and is expected to be released in other countries soon. Developed by TiMi Studio Group, Honor of Kings brings the most-played mobile MOBA experience to players around the world. As a MOBA game, Honor of Kings includes similar features to other MOBA games. However, the game can be a bit confusing for players who have never tried a MOBA game before. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed beginner’s guide along with everything you need to know before starting to play Honor of Kings.

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Gameplay Overview

Like most other MOBA games, players in Honor of Kings need to select a hero before the start of the game. Each hero also possesses a unique set of skills, which makes them strong or weak on the battlefield. Players go against each other in a 5v5 match, to destroy the enemy nexus as soon as possible.

The map in Honor of Kings is divided into three lanes, with each lane consisting of three outer turrets for each team. Both teams will try to destroy these turrets to reach the enemy base faster and destroy it to seal the victory.

Understanding the in-game Map

The map in Honor of Kings is called Hero’s Gorge. The map features three lanes called: Clash Lane, Mid Lane, and Farm Lane. Each of these lanes also includes several elements, which affect the gameplay greatly. Here is a list of everything that players will come across in the Hero’s Gorge.


honor of kings base
Image via Level Infinite

The base is the point where heroes spawn and respawn. The base can also provide the heroes with healing when they are left with very low HP. Again, using Recall during the battle will also bring back heroes to the base. Players cannot enter the enemy base, as it deals a great amount of damage to any enemy to tries to enter.


honor of kings crystal
Image via Level Infinite

Crystal is located in each team’s base. Players need to destroy the opponent’s crystal to win the matches. However, at least one high-ground tower needs to be destroyed before the crystal is attacked. When not under attack, the Crystal can keep regenerating its health.


High Ground Tower

honor of kings high ground tower
Image via Level Infinite

High Ground Tower is the third tower of each lane, and the last tower before reaching the enemy crystal. After destroying an enemy high-ground tower, allied super minions will spawn on that lane and advance to attack the Crystal.

Inner Tower

honor of kings inner tower
Image via Level Infinite

The inner tower is basically the middle tower of the lane. After the inner tower is destroyed, all enemy minions within range will be slowed by 90% for 10s.

Outer Tower

honor of kings outer tower
Image via Level Infinite

The outer tower is the first tower that the enemies will reach. This tower provides a strong defensive advantage during the early period of the game. Before 04:00, outer towers have extra damage reduction, taking 40% less damage and heroes deal 25% less damage while within range of the enemy tower.


Azure Golem

honor of kings azure golem
Image via Level Infinite

Azure Golem spawns at 00:30s and is a great first target for junglers. Killing the Azure Golem increases the juggling speed of the junglers through the Power of Azure Golem buff for the 70s. When a hero with this buff is killed, the buff is transferred to the attacker, and its duration is reset.

Crimson Golem

honor of kings crimson golem
Image via Level Infinite

Crimson Golem spawns at 00:30s and respawns every 90 after being defeated. Killing the Crimson Golem provides the players with the Power of Crimson Golem buff for the 70s. With this buff, Basic Attacks inflict 60-256 burn damage to non-monsters for 2s. When a hero with this buff is killed, the buff is transferred to the attacker, and its duration is reset.


honor of kings tyrant
Image via Level Infinite

Tyrant is an Epic Monster who spawns at 04:00 and respawns every 4 minutes of being defeated. Defeating the Tyrant grants the entire tea with Tyrant’s Arrival buff. Using this buff, heroes can trigger Chain Lightning to deal an extra amount of damage to the enemy heroes.


honor of kings overlord
Image via Level Infinite

Overlord spawns at 02:00 and keeps respawning every 4 minutes after being defeated. The team that defeated the Overlord, their team’s next two minion waves on all the lanes will be replaced by minion vanguards.

Tempest Dragon

Tempest Dragon is a legendary monster who spawns 20:00 minutes into the game and keeps respawning every 3 minutes after being defeated. The arrival of the Tempest Dragon starts a violent storm all around Hero’s Gorge and makes the battle more intense. Tempest Dragon spawns randomly at Tyrant or Overlord camp.

Minion waves of the team defeating the Tempest Dragon will be replaced with Tempest Vanguards. Tempest Vanguards makes the towers unable to attack for 5 seconds. Moreover, ally heroes will be granted with damage buff and also shield to negate enemy damage.

Honor of Kings: Lanes

Clash Lane

honor of kings lane
Image via Level Infinite

Generally, the fighters or tanks take up the Clash Lane. Clash Lane is more suitable for farming EXPs and increasing levels faster. This helps the heroes playing in this game to unlock skills faster and upgrade them to become more powerful within a very short time.

Mid Lane

The mid lane is the shortest lane on the map. Generally, mages take up this lane because of their high magical damage rate. Mages can clear out minions easily on this lane and proceed to provide extra support to their teammates on the other lanes.

Farm Lane

Generally, marksmen take up this lane because of the amount of gold that can be farmed from this lane. Marksmen can upgrade and buy their equipment quickly by farming more gold by killing minions on this lane.

Introducing the Heroes and their Roles

There are six different roles in Honor of Kings right now – Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, and Support. Each hero is classified into these six classes and takes different roles during the matches. Here is a complete overview of all the roles in Honor of Kings.


Tanks act as the damage absorber for their team. Tanks are bulky heroes with more HP than other heroes, which makes them capable of taking damage from enemies. Tanks can work as a decoy and create a chance for their allies to flee, in case of an emergency.


Fighters are the one who leads the offensive charges in the Clash lane. Fighters take up the clash lane to earn more EXP and level up faster. After reaching a certain level, Fighters can dominate the game single-handedly if used correctly.


Assassins are the jungles. They are equipped with Jungling equipment and abilities. Assassins roam around the map to kill monsters and other creeps to earn more EXP, Gold, and Buffs. Assassins can level up in the quickest time during a match.


Mages take up the mid-lane, which is also the shortest lane on the map. They use their magical damage to hold off minion waves and keep poking the enemy heroes trying to aggress through this lane. Mages can sometimes go to other lanes to provide support to their allies in need.


Marskman is the primary damage dealer in Honor of Kings. Marksman excels in high-range and high-damage attacks. However, when equipped with offensive equipment, marksmen can fall behind in the case of HPs and get killed easily.


Support heroes provide healing and shields to other teammates. Supports are usually seen alongside marksmen in the farm lane, as marksmen have relatively lower HP than other heroes.

Honor of Kings Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Pick and master a hero

The easiest way to be better in Honor of Kings is to pick a specific hero and keep playing with it. Pick a hero according to your playstyle and try to play every match with that hero until you get proficient with that hero. This will also increase your knowledge about skill usage and help you in more matches.

2. Create map awareness

Map awareness is very essential to win in Honor of Kings. Learn everything about the map and use your knowledge while in battle. Use buffs, heals, and defeat monsters effectively using your map knowledge.

3. Create suitable builds for yourself

Builds are very important for winning at Honor of Kings. Find a suitable playstyle for yourself and make a build according to that. Remember that builds can vary from person to person, as not everyone will play in the same manner.

4. Try to defeat as many monsters as possible

Defeating monsters can provide the players with different kinds of buffs. Defeat as many as monsters possible to receive these buffs, which can change the dynamic of the game very drastically. Keep an eye on the epic and legendary monsters, because of the high reward that they provide.

5. Focus on the late game

Matches in Honor of Kings are divided into three phases according to the timeline of the match. The early phase of the matches is typically slow-paced, but the games build up and become faster in the late phases. Heroes also get strongest during this phase. Focus on the late phase and use your skills wisely to create a big impact and win matches easily.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide for Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comments below!

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