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Apex Legends Mobile: Tips to earn Flux Currency and use them

How to use the new rewardable currency in-game!

Players have their own version of the currency in the game, as in other online battle-royale games, to purchase in-game items and cosmetics. Likewise, the new release of Apex Legends Mobile has introduced the technique of Crafting materials, using a currency named Flux.

Many players have a common question after the release of some newer features in the game, including the likes of a new available currency called Flux. This can also be used to craft items from the in-game store. For the game, there does not appear to be much difference between Flux and Crafting materials. Both can be earned by opening Apex Pack or Battle Pass rewards. These can be redeemed at the shop basically for cosmetics, including character and weapon skins and banner displays.

How to find the Flux Currency in Apex Legends Mobile

The developers have put efforts into creating an entirely new currency, where Crafting materials are completely sufficient. It may have been a simple design change to make this version of the game stand out, in comparison with other versions of Apex Legends available. Flux in Apex Legends Mobile basically serves as the game’s own version of Crafting materials. Thus, players can obtain it by opening packs or progressing through events and Battle Pass Tiers.

Apex Legends Mobile Flux Currency
Image via Electronic Arts

Once players have collected thousands of it, the currency can then be spent on cosmetics from the Store’s Crafting tab. These cosmetics include Legend and weapon skins, Banners, Trackers, and Emotes. Worth remembering that all items listed underneath this tab can only be purchased with Flux — so it is important to collect as much as you can.

Best ways to obtain more Flux in Apex Legends Mobile

1. From different Events

Apex Legends Mobile Flux Currency events
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Players will find different events running in the game. These events bring some simple missions and tasks that one has to complete to get rewarded with free flux. Currently, there are not that many events, but there will be more soon in the future.

2. From the Battle Pass

Apex Legends Mobile Flux Currency battle pass
Image via Electronic Arts

Whether players purchase a battle pass in Apex Legends Mobile or not, still one will obtain free rewards at each level up. The only difference is that the premium player will be able to unlock more rewards (some special) from the Battle Pass. So, completing the missions to level up the Battle Pass is one of the best ways to obtain large amounts of Flux coins/ crafting materials in Apex Legends Mobile.

3. From Daily Login

 Flux Currency daily login
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When players play the game for the first time, they will receive free rewards, including Crafting materials.  Additionally, one will get rewards after playing for a while, which is the 7-day cumulative login. So, by logging into the game, players will receive Flux coins, but be sure to collect them.

4. From opening Crates

Flux Currency crate opening
Image via Electronic Arts

The crates are also one of the best things to get a lot of Flux coins fast for free. As players play the game, they have to complete different missions and level up, and then they will receive many crates. Then, players can open these crates by going into the store. By opening these crates, players can receive Apex Flux coins.

What are your thoughts on the flux currency in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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