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Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide: Abilities, Perks and Gameplay Tips

Try to move me; it'll be fun.

Gibraltar is a free Legend that can be unlocked in the rewards path after players reach level five. He is a defensive legend with good tactical ability that allows him to defend as well as push on opponents. The legend’s goal in the game is to make defensive and initiator plays that support his side in both the defensive and offensive stages of the contest. In this guide, we will go over Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile, including his skills, perks, recommended teammates, finishers, and tips and methods for mastering it.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Apex Legends characters like LifelineBloodhound, Octane, Wraith, Mirage and Pathfinder. Therefore, players must make sure to check the past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Gibraltar.

About Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile

Makoa Gibraltar was born on Solace in 2703. He was Miko Gibraltar’s son. He has always been good at rescuing others out of dangerous circumstances, which are common in the Outlands, as the son of two SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteers.

Gibraltar didn’t realize the need of protecting others, until he and his partner stole his father’s motorcycle, went on a joyride, and were caught in a tragic mudslide. His parents rescued them, but his father lost one arm as a result. Gibraltar has never forgotten his father’s sacrifice and has dedicated his life to assisting others in need.

Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide
Image via Electronic Arts

Over the years, many of Gibraltar’s friends and colleagues have competed in the Apex Games for more money, fame, and glory, and others have never returned home. Gibraltar volunteered to help keep them safe. For the first time, his talents as a rescuer and his rebellious attitude worked in tandem. He’s now become an Apex Games symbol, placing himself in harm’s way to protect his squad and send his opponents fleeing for cover.

Gibraltar Abilities

Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide
Image via Electronic Arts

Passive Ability – Gun Shield

Gibraltar’s Passive ability is Gun Shield. While aiming, Gibraltar will have a 50-health energy barrier in front of him, protecting his upper torso from incoming fire while allowing him to blast out. It has a 9-second cooldown after being broken before regenerating. While aiming down sights, the health of the energy shield may be visible on both the left and right sides. The cooldown meter can also be seen recharging the energy meter, which has 1-8 bars. Any damage sustained while destroying the shield will be transferred to Gibraltar.

Tactical Ability – Dome of Protection

Gibraltar’s tactical ability is Dome of Protection. Gibraltar tosses a big disc that, when it lands, projects a dome shield around it. The dome has a 6-meter radius and lasts 12 seconds. While allowing players to pass through it, the dome barrier prevents all incoming and outgoing shots and projectiles. While inside his dome, Gibraltar revives friends 33% faster, which compares between 6 seconds vs. 4.5 seconds.

Ultimate Ability – Defensive Bombardment

Gibraltar’s ultimate ability is Defensive Bombardment. Gibraltar tosses a smoke grenade that creates a 24-meter radius for a mortar hit. Explosives continue to rain down on the area for 6 seconds, causing 40 damage every hit and shell-shocking players. For all players, the region is highlighted with red circles indicating where mortar shells will land.


Gibraltar takes 15% less damage from every attack. Fortified Legends are immune to slow effects from weapon fire.

Perks and Finishers of Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile

Every legend in Apex Legends Mobile comes with perks and finishers. These perks and finishers can be unlocked simply, by playing the legend. These provide an additional advantage to the Legends while performing their tactical ability and finishers. Talking about Gibraltar, he has 5 different perks, which we shall break down in detail.

  • Emergency Battery: When your shield is 0, using a shield cell will give players an additional 25 shield points.
  • Enmity: Reviving a squadmate restores 25 health to players and their squadmates.
  • Dying Dose: When the health falls below 50, using any health item will give players an additional 25 HP.
  • MED Soldier: Each slot of the backpack can store +1 health or shield item per stack.
  • Return Pack: After respawning, players can obtain a corresponding body shield and weapon based on the progress of the ring.
Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide perks
Image via Electronic Arts

Finishers are the final blow given to an enemy. Finishers perform a special animation when finishing a downed player. These finishers can provide certain perks. Here are the finishers for Gibraltar.

  • Execution: Final Thrill: After taking down an enemy with a Finisher, all shields are restored and the Ultimate cooldown is reduced by 30%.
  • Execution: Tactical Thunder: Successfully performing a finisher refills all shields and immediately resets the tactical ability cooldown.
  • Execution: Ammo Recovery: Taking down an enemy with a finisher restores all shields and refills ammo for the weapon.

Recommended Teammates for Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile

Players will require a great squad of characters with equal strategic talents and abilities, in order to become the perfect player for the character. In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, we can offer two teams for players to choose from, both of which feature Gibraltar. However, players must keep in mind that it all depends on each player’s playstyle, thus they may mix around the legends accordingly. Here are some of Gibraltar’s best teammates.

  • Gibraltar, Wraith, Bangalore: Gibraltar is a defensive Legend who can protect teammates with his shield dome and provides excellent tactical support with his ultimate, but he is slow in movement and has too many hitboxes, which is where Wraith comes in. Known for her speed, Wraith can provide her team with exceptional moving abilities while also taking on enemies, except for the last Bangalore. Bangalore is an offensive Legend that can offer all of the Arms and Ammunition we need in a team, as well as her tactical ability to cover for her team when they are in danger, and her Ultimate can deliver a great amount of AoE damage on a very vast area, which aids in damage dealing.
  • Lifeline, Gibraltar, Bloodhound: They are all support Legends. She can lend a hand with her DOC drones. This drone has the ability to both heal and resurrects a teammate. When Bloodhound is pushing, Lifeline can help him heal quickly. Gibraltar might be the second teammate. Gibraltar acts as a deterrent. He can build shield domes to protect them from gunshots. When Bloodhound is extremely low, Gibraltar’s Shield and Lifeline Meds can quickly wipe out a team.

Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Gameplay Tips

In this section of the guide, we will look at some tips and tricks to play Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile. Gibraltar requires accurate use of abilities, which would be helpful for the team.

Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Players must throw the dome down if an opposition squad is firing at the player and his team. It will deflect their gunfire, allowing players and their team to flee. Combining the dome with Defensive Bombardment can be extremely beneficial. Dome shield dancing, when done correctly, can be quite beneficial. While being shot, one must go in and out of the dome shield to lessen the amount of damage that one can suffer while also making adversaries waste their ammo. Shoot while they reload.
  • The Gun shield might occasionally make it easier to detect Gibraltar while he’s hiding, it’s worth briefly disabling if you’re sure you’re otherwise hidden. Crouching while employing the gun shield makes players a difficult target to hit from the front. During a sniper encounter, activating the gun shield typically gives players the upper hand. As a result, Gibraltar is one of the greatest Legends for using snipers.
  • Defensive Bombardment can potentially cause damage, therefore, players must employ it with discretion. This ability is useful for support, if foes are hiding, it can force them out of cover and into a more vulnerable line of fire. It can also be employed as a defensive or offensive ability. They can summon it inside the shield to temporarily disable it and give players a few seconds of rest, as opponents will be unable to enter. One can use this time to resurrect, heal, reload or flee. Players can use this ability to finish off foes you’ve knocked out from afar.

Final Thoughts

Gibraltar is a defensive legend, as well as an initiator. Make the greatest use of his powers to help the squad, with his strong defense and impressive tactical abilities, then there is no one else who can be the champion!

That’s all for today’s Gibraltar guide in Apex Legends Mobile. Do you prefer to use Gibraltar in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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