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Apex Legends Mobile: How to unlock the all-new Legend Rhapsody

Rhapsody, the new exclusive Legend for mobile, has arrived and is waiting to dominate the Apex Games. Players are extremely excited about the new Legend and are interested in seeing how it works compared to the other Legends. All the nine Legends can be unlocked by levelling up in the game, but that is not the case for the earlier-released Fade or Loba. In this article, we have mentioned two ways to unlock Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile.

How to unlock Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Battle Pass

Apex Legends Mobile unlock Rhapsody
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For free-to-play players, this is the only way to grab hold of the brand-new Legend. Rhapsody can be unlocked with 10 Rhapsody fragments, and players can get exactly that from the free Battle Pass rewards. The Rhapsody Pieces are present in Free Battle Pass tiers 1, 9, 13, 17, and 25 with each of the mentioned tiers containing two Rhapsody fragments.

2. Syndicate Gold

Players can go to the details of the Legend, click on Unlock and then purchase him using Syndicate Gold. Syndicate Gold is an in-game currency, which can only be purchased with real-life money. If players have insufficient Syndicate Gold, they can be bought from the Store, using their preferred mode of payment.

Final Thoughts

By providing fair options to unlock Rhapsody for the free-to-play players, they will make use of this opportunity and begin the grind to catch hold of the new Legend. Rhapsody is completely worth the grind, for his skill-set and abilities, would be something new to ponder upon.

Apex Legends Mobile unlock Rhapsody, Apex Legends Mobile unlock Rhapsody
Image via Electronic Arts

To get to Tier 25 in the Battle Pass quicker, players must play more ranked and BR games, and complete the seasonal missions and challenges on the go to receive more Battle Pass points.

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