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Apex Legends Mobile ‘Nightmare Begins’ challenge: Tips to earn Revenant skin for free

Get the rare skin for free using this guide!

With every new seasonal or mid-seasonal update in Apex Legends Mobile, season 3.5 Underworld brings with it limited-time events. The recently released event titled Nightmare Begins is centered around the brand new legend, Revenant. This new challenge gives players the chance to collect the Revenant’s rare skin: Death Etching, seasonal currencies, and more for free. The Nightmare Begins event commenced on the 30th of November, 2022 in Apex Legends Mobile and will remain live till the 8th of December. 

How to complete the ‘Nightmare Begins’ challenge to earn free rewards

This challenge requires players to charge Revenant’s ‘Death Totem’ by collecting enough metal skulls to get rewarded whenever they reach different charge stages. Metal skulls can be obtained in either of two ways, one by completing daily missions and the other by playing matches in BR mode. Requiem Supply bins have begun to spawn all around World’s Edge and Kings Canyon maps which drop Metal skulls.

Apex Legends Mobile Nightmare Begins revenant
Image via EA

Apex Legends Mobile Nightmare Begins event: Rewards 

To access the event players must tap on the ‘Nightmare Begins’ banner located on the right side of the home screen. As players keep collecting more metal skulls within the event period, new rewards unlock for free. The list of the rewards that players can earn at different charge stages is given below.

  • 20% charge stage – Five Good Points (Revenant Pose)
  • 40% charge stage – 2000 Underworld Coins (Seasonal Currency)
  • 60% charge state – Malevolent Maw ( Revenant Frame)
  • 80% charge state – 4000 Underworld Coins 
  • 100% charge state – Death Etching (Revenant Skin)
Apex Legends Mobile Nightmare Begins revenant skin
Image via EA

Players can make use of the seasonal currencies in the Seasonal Store section to obtain various legend skins like Bone Collector (5000 Underworld coins), Portal to Punishment (5000 Underworld coins), weapon skins, banner frames, holo spray, and more. Metal skulls can also be obtained by eliminating enemies in BR mode and missions that refreshes daily. Players must also note that there is a daily pickup limit of 20 Metal Skulls.

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