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Apex Legends Mobile Revenant Guide: Perks, Abilities and Gameplay tips

Tips to play the newest character in Apex!

A brand new split season titled ‘Underworld’ has been released in Apex Legends Mobile, which is packed with amazing updates. Season 3.5 introduced the offensive legend, Revenant in the game, along with tonnes of fresh and exciting events, seasonal event cosmetics and a battle pass. With the Synthetic Nightmare on the battlefield, players can now have an edge over others utilising Revenant’s aggressive gameplay style. In this guide, we’ll go over the skills of Revenant, perks, and finishers as well as some tips that will help players to start using this character in Apex Legends Mobile.

The new legend Revenant becomes the fourth character to be introduced in the mobile, after Loba, Crypto and Ash, who are already available in the PC version of Apex Legends. This makes it the only season, where no new mobile-exclusive legend paved their way into the game.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Apex Legends characters like LifelineBloodhound, Octane, WraithMiragePathfinder, Gibraltar, Bangalore, Caustic, Fade, Loba, Rhapsody, Crypto and Ash. Therefore, players must make sure to check past character guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Revenant.

About Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile

Revenant, dreaded as the Synthetic Nightmare, bears the real name of Kaleb Cross, as he used to be the greatest hitman which the Mercenary Syndicate ever had. But with time, the human in him was killed after he was resurrected as a simulacrum, at the hands of the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics. 

Image via Electronic Arts

However, a programming bug prevented the Syndicate from bringing Revenant back under their control. So, the higher-ups in the Syndicate decided that the best way to escape Revenant’s terrifying hold was to throw him into the Apex Games, where his appetite for murder helps the company market the machine as the newest antagonist to join the blood battle. 

Revenant Abilities

As known to many playing Apex Legends Mobile, every legend comes with three unique abilities: Passive, Tactical and Ultimate. Before being able to master playing with Revenant, it’s important to learn about each of his abilities in brief.

Passive Ability: Stalker

Revenant’s Passive Ability is Stalker which allows him to walk faster while crouching and climbing walls higher in the vertical direction. His crouch-walking speed is the same as his normal walking speed and his climbing ability is six times as high as any other legend. 

Tactical Ability: Silence

Apex Legends Mobile Revenant Guide abilities
Image via Electronic Arts

Silence is Revenant’s tactical ability which enables him to throw a device targeting his enemies which causes 10 damage. It also disables opponents’ tactical and ultimate abilities for 15 seconds. It has a cooldown time of 25 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

The Ultimate Ability of Revenant enables him to deploy a Death Totem that returns the legend back in shadow form to the totem instead of getting killed or downed while taking a fight. When a shadow is killed, they return to the totem with 50 Health. 

Perks and Finishers of Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile

Perks are additional traits that enhance the Legend’s default abilities and strengths. They are classified into three categories namely general perks, finisher perks, and ability perks. These perks can be unlocked by levelling up Legend Mastery, points for which can be obtained after playing matches with the specific legend. 

General Perks

  • Death Stalker: Crouch-walk speed increases
  • Creeping Dread: Allows Revenant to climb with horizontal control
  • Nightmare Fuel: Climbing reloads the weapons

Ability Perks

  • No Rest For The Wicked: Death Totem grants Stalker to allies
  • Fear Paralysis: Enemies hit by Silence will also be slowed
  • Zombie Siphon: While under the effect of Death Totem, knocking enemies restores HP

Finisher Perks

  • Battle Adaptation: Players can use a finisher which adds 100 points to their EVO Shield
  • Deadly Momentum: Using the finisher reduces the Ultimates Cooldown by 30%
  • Interrogator: Using the Finisher Reveals the location of the target’s squad on the mini-map

Revenant is an offensive legend, specialising in aggression and ambush. So, teaming him up with the right characters will aid him in his fast-paced attacking gunfights. Well, let us now look at a few team compositions suiting Revenant’s style.

Revenant, Octane, Caustic

Death Totem of Revenant is useful only when it is placed in a safe place and can be guarded against opponents. Teaming Revenant with Caustic and Octane is a good idea, as Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap can provide defence around the totem. Meanwhile, Octane’s Launch Pad can be used to drop down on enemies and take on an aggressive fight as the totem provides protection against death. 

Revenant, Ash, Gibraltar

The tactical ability of Ash – ‘Arc Snare’ can be paired up with Revenant’s tactical ability to disable opponents’ tactical and ultimate abilities to take down enemies. This is especially useful against Fade or Wraith, who can use the void to escape Ash’s Arc Snare. The team will prove to be powerful with Gibraltar in it, as his dome will provide protection to Revenant’s ultimate in open spaces. Also, once Revenant’s Totem is placed, players can instantly push using Ash’s ultimate. Gibraltar may stay back to continue to protect the Totem with his dome.

Apex Legends Mobile Revenant Gameplay Tips

In this section of the guide, we will look at some tips and tricks to play with Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Revenant’s Death Totem should be placed in a safe and secluded area away from enemy squads. The Totem will be destroyed if a door is closed on it, therefore try to stay away from placing it indoors or anything else that can open and close.
  • Revenant’s Stalker can be strategically used to ambush enemy teams in high buildings or outflank hostile squads. Also, his passive ability makes him a convenient assaulter in the urban regions more than in rural spots as he can get covers and make climb vertically on walls of buildings. 
  • Players using Revenant’s passive ability must keep in mind to crouch strafe rather than normal strafe.
  • Revenant’s Silence can also be used as a soft cover in situations where you need time to heal or in an open space. 

With Revenant released in the game, players are going to have a hard as well as fun time mastering their aggressive gameplay style. There are also many new events like the Nightmare Begins, and Airdrop Escalation that will allow players to complete missions and collect free rewards. Players who are eager to use Revenant in their next match must go through our article which will help you unlock the all-new legend. 

That’s all for today’s Revenant guide in Apex Legends Mobile. Do you prefer to use Ash in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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