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Apex Legends Mobile: Tips to get Seasonal Currency and use them

How to use the new rewardable currency in-game!

Apex Legends has finally made its way into the mobile gaming world, it is just as great, as we all expected. It is very much similar to the other battle royale, but it does have some different features. PC players are well versed with this game, but the new players need to get educated about all the features and systematics of the game. With the help of this guide, we will explain the new Seasonal currency system in Apex Legends Mobile.

Currencies in Apex Legends Mobile

The currencies help the players to get different items in the game. There are three main types of currency in the game:

  • Flux
  • Legend fragments
  • Syndicate Gold

There are other types of currencies as well:

  • Seasonal Currency
  • Lucky Draw Pull
  • Club Currency

These currencies have their own advantages. Among these, Seasonal Currency has a drawback, as it expires at the end of every season.

How to obtain Seasonal Currency in Apex Legends Mobile

These currencies are useful and important because firstly, they are easy to collect. Secondly, they can be used to buy cosmetics like skins, weapon charms and many more items from the store.

Apex Legends Mobile Seasonal Currency
Image via Respawn Entertainment

These are the best ways to get Seasonal Currency in Apex Legends Mobile are:

  • Finding the currency in Battle Royale matches
  • Completing events

These are relatively very easy ways to collect the currency and get cosmetics. The thing which is to mark is that there is a maximum cap for in-game seasonal currency. Players can get upto x500 seasonal currency from a single match, with a weekly limit of x5000. The squad that ranks first in any battle royale, each person gets an additional x50 seasonal currency.

As the name suggests, these currencies last for a specific season. Therefore, it is wise to use these, before the season ends. For every season, the currency and the content will be new. These seasons last around 3 months, giving the players plenty of time to collect and use the currency as they please.

How to use the Seasonal Currency in Apex Legends Mobile

The seasonal event is exhibited on the front screen itself. Players must click on the option to enter the Seasonal Shop.

Apex Legends Mobile Seasonal Currency
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Once players click on the season event option, they’ll land up on another page with details regarding the season event. On the same page, players will find the seasonal shop, which will be used to utilize the owned seasonal currencies.

Did you like our guide to obtain Seasonal Currency in Apex Legends Mobile helpful?. Let us know in the comment section below!

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