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Solo Leveling: ARISE Guide: Tips to earn Essence Stone in the game

More essence stone for more pulls!

Solo Leveling: ARISE takes inspiration from the Solo Leveling Manhwa and anime, presenting an action-packed RPG experience. Having journeyed through the game since its early access, in this guide, I will share the best ways to earn Essence Stone in Solo Leveling: ARISE for more pulls and stronger, rarer characters.

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Essence stones in Solo Leveling: ARISE plays a crucial role in acquiring potent characters and weapons via the gacha system. Additionally, they unlock premium content and provide advantages, such as enhancing duplicate hunters and unlocking stronger effects on them. This versatile resource offers various valuable utilities within the game.

How to get more Essence Stone in Solo Leveling: ARISE

Accumulating Essence Stones in Solo Leveling: ARISE is advantageous as it enables access to new content, enhances your hunters, and propels your game progression. Essence Stones unlock special features, upgrade your hunters, and enrich your gaming journey. Here are the top methods to earn Essence Stones in Solo Leveling: ARISE:

1. Completing Story Missions and Objectives

In Solo Leveling: Arise, you can earn plenty of Essence Stones by completing various types of missions. Whether it’s main story chapters, side missions, or encore missions, each one rewards you with at least 50 Essence Stones.

Solo Leveling Arise story mode
Image via Netmarble

Additionally, completing mission objectives within these missions grants you an extra 15 Essence Stones per objective completed. This means that by finishing around 27 missions, which can be done in about an hour, you’ll have enough Essence Stones for 10 draws.

2. Doing Gates and other Game Modes

Exploring the different game modes in Solo Leveling: Arise is another great way to earn more Essence Stones. Apart from the main story mode, there are Gates, encore missions, Hunter Archives, and more.

Solo Leveling Arise Gates
Image via Netmarble

By diversifying your gameplay and engaging in these modes, you can collect all the Essence Stones you need to progress in the game and unlock new content.

3. Checking Your Codex and Achievements

Keep an eye on your achievements and Codex as they can reward you with additional Essence Stones, weapons, items, and even new Hunters. This not only helps you accumulate Essence Stones but also grants you Coins and Custom Draw Tickets.

Solo Leveling Arise Eternal Slumber
Image via Netmarble

If you see a notification next to Achievements or Codex, make sure to check it out for potential rewards that can boost your Essence Stone collection.

4. Consistently Completing Daily Missions

Make it a habit to complete your daily missions in Solo Leveling: Arise. While these missions themselves don’t directly reward Essence Stones, they contribute to earning Daily Points

Solo Leveling Arise gameplay
Image via Netmarble

Accumulating these points leads to earning Essence Stones, with milestones like 60 points granting 30 Essence Stones and 100 points giving even more. Regularly completing daily missions ensures a steady stream of Essence Stones.

5. Participating in Events

Keep an eye out for login events and other in-game events in Solo Leveling: Arise as they often offer significant amounts of Essence Stones as rewards. These events may also provide Essence Stones as compensation for in-game bugs, maintenance periods, and new updates.

Solo Leveling Arise Essence Stone
Image via Netmarble

Taking part in these events can significantly boost your Essence Stone collection and enhance your gameplay experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, gathering Essence Stones in Solo Leveling: ARISE is key to progressing and enhancing your gaming experience. Completing missions and objectives, exploring different game modes, checking achievements and codex, staying consistent with daily missions, and participating in events are the top ways to earn Essence Stones.

These stones are crucial for unlocking new content, upgrading your hunters, and accessing special features. By following these methods, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy all that Solo Leveling: ARISE has to offer and build a powerful team of characters.

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