AutoChess MOBA Guide: Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks to improve your game

Thou shall never face defeat!

AutoChess MOBA, is a new game on early access based on the game from Drago Nest Games, entitled Autochess. However, unlike Autochess, as the name suggests, AutoChess MOBA is a MOBA type of game that aims to rival mobile MOBA powerhouses like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and League of Legends Wild Rift. In this article, we will show you 10 tips and tricks to own enemies in the competitive ladder of Autochess MOBA!

On a side note, if you are starting new, make sure to check our in-depth beginners guideobjectives guidelaning guideitems guide, and map guide for a decent headstart.

Tips and Tricks to improve your gameplay in AutoChess MOBA

1. Fog of War and Vision

The Fog of War in Autochess MOBA follows Dota in making the strategic game more difficult. On your screen, look at the small map in the upper left-hand corner. See every place that has become black? They are shrouded in Fog of War, impairing your team’s ability to see the entire map.

Auto Chess MOBA 10 Pro Tips
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For this reason, there are free wards. They only allow you to see a small portion of the region surrounding them once they have been placed on the map. Placing them in strategic locations on the map will greatly benefit the entire team. The jungle, in particular, because they interact with jungle creeps more than minion waves and spend the most time in the Fog of War. Because the other team may not always be aware of their whereabouts, they have a better chance of unexpectedly emerging in the lane for a kill.

2. Learn to move while attacking at the same time

Kiting will be a key skill set for the game as well. This advice will be beneficial to learners, particularly marksmen like Ranger. You should practice doing it in many environments because it will keep you alive in a variety of circumstances.

Learn to move AutoChess MOBA Tips and Tricks
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If you’re a total newbie, it will be a little challenging, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it. In essence, you move and cast an auto-attack continuously by repeatedly pressing the attack button and position wheel.

3. Researching the best possible Item Builds and Counters

If you’re getting completely decimated by an opponent ranger or axe, you should think about adding some extra armor. When situations like this develop, new players discover that the game’s state will slightly alter their item builds.

Your item build should constantly be adaptable to how the other team is scaling. Knowing when to add extra Magic Resist or increase your attack damage to help with the game’s progression is part of this.

4. Becoming aware of your Surroundings

In AutoChess MOBA, survival depends on awareness. Knowing (and sometimes even predicting) where your opponents are hiding and moving on the map is the key to playing with high awareness. If there are no wards to keep an eye on your surroundings for you, you should really be reconsidering your placement when pushing in the middle lane with no visible lane opponents.

5. Wards save Lives

aware of your surroundings
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As a new player, you must remember to correctly ward the map, which is related to the preceding tip. Your eyes are your wards in the midst of the battle’s fog. You can locate your opponents and prepare your next attack accordingly. Don’t forget to place your wards in strategic spots, particularly the jungle high grounds, to avoid losing sight of your victory.

6. Keep an eye out for your Team Composition

The gameplay in Autochess MOBA is cooperative. As a result, you must always pay attention to the heroes your teammates choose and choose your own hero appropriately. You and your teammates must keep an eye on each other’s six and help out when necessary.

team composition
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It improves the likelihood that your team will succeed if your champion works in tandem with the champions chosen by your teammates.

7. Try maintaining just a handful of Heroes you enjoy

Make an effort to play and master fewer heroes. If you strive to master them all, you won’t have much of an impact on the game and will play each champion at a subpar level. Attempt to play the same role each time. If you often bounce between top and support roles, for example, switching from one role mentality to the other would be more challenging, resulting in more mistakes.

8. Learn which skills have Cooldowns and which skills deal damage as you level up

Because you don’t have any items and must rely mostly on your skills to deal damage in the early game -before your basic attacks can really help you – it is strongly recommended to level up those skills that get cooldown reduction rather than those that deal higher damage.

skills have cooldowns AutoChess MOBA Tips and Tricks
Image via Dragon Nest

Therefore, you should concentrate on leveling up those Skills that obtain a reduction in cooldown time. You can improve your hand in the game in this way. Leveling up the poking skill as a priority can help the carry farm more safely, especially for heroes who poke like The Source.

9. Communication is the Key

Although reiterated in most team games ever, one of the best ways to win any AutoChess MOBA game is to communicate with your friends. Use the exclamation point ping to let your lane opponent know they are no longer there. This alerts the other members of your team to a potential gank.

Having effective communication is crucial when launching team fights. In team battles, giving your teammates instructions on which foe to take out first may provide you with an advantage by arranging who your main targets are. Pings are a quick and effective method of in-game communication. You can beg for help, try to ping targets, or ask your allies to help.

10. Play in a Duo or Trio queue

If you know people you can trust and are good players don’t hesitate to invite them and play as two or as a three stack. This maximizes your chances of winning games and climbing faster since you will have fewer randoms in your team.

This also gives you the benefit that you will have better communication and better objective control. In addition, you can rely on your premade if yourself isn’t having a good game at the moment and help them carry or the other way around. Lastly, win or lose, playing with friends makes the games two times more fun.

Final Thoughts

That would be all for Autochess MOBA 10 pro tips and tricks, hope you’ve learned much more about how to win and climb the ranks easily in the new and coming Autochess MOBA! Now all that is left is to give it a try and win over other players with your superb knowledge and skills.

That’s all from us for the AutoChess MOBA Tips Guide! Did you find our AutoChess MOBA Tips guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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