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Basketball Arena is a brand new basketball game from the developers of Head Ball 2. The interesting thing about this game is that it offers an innovative way to play multiplayer basketball. You can challenge real players on 1 vs 1 online matches. One can use a variety of special abilities too to spice up the match.  Above all, this game is quite similar to Head Ball 2 in various aspects. So, if you have tried the other game, this is a definite must-try for you. You are free to go for slam dunks, surprise your opponents by firing off long shots, and much more. Before jumping straight into the game, do check out this Basketball Arena beginners guide and we are sure that you will outscore your opponents with ease.

Gameplay Overview

Basketball Arena is offered by Masomo Gaming and is available for both Android and iOS. This game is one of those which offers a good basketball gaming experience on mobile. Moreover, it offers various features to make the game interesting to play. Players can unlock new characters by playing winning more matches and unlocking different chests or loot boxes.

Dash and steal the basketball from your opponent in head-to-head matches. As a player progresses further, more courts and characters unlock gradually. One can start playing with a small team and can add new players as you advance further on your journey Also, you can also challenge your friends by adding up your social media accounts in this game.

Basketball Arena Guide: Tips to remember 

1. Be ready to turn the tide

Beginning with this Basketball Arena guide, you should remember that to win most of the matches, you have to be really very quick. You have to master the skill of guessing the right position of the basketball. One should know the right timing to jump to stop your opponent to score a point. Moreover, this game needs practice.

Basketball Arena Guide

The more you practice, the more you learn. Initial stages are quite easy to win all the matches without much haste. But as you level up higher, it becomes a bit difficult to beat the opponents. Before finalizing your deck, do check out the info of your selected characters. If you’ll know which character has high jump power, which has more energy, it’ll add up to your side.

2. The best strategy will win you games

We have a master strategy for you guys. If you master this strategy, you’ll have more than an 80% chance to win almost all the matches easily. Here we are introducing a unique master strategy or game plan to turn the tide against your opponents:

Fast Paced Rusher

All you have to do is just remember the numbers on the screen and follow our given steps accordingly. Remember this pattern – 2,5,3,4 and 1. It means first you have to first press 2, then 5, then 3, and so on. You have to follow this style in at least 10 matches to master this strategy. You should follow this style in every game, whenever the basketball is in the hands of your opponent.

But what if you are going to start the match? So, this time remember this pattern – 2,3,5,4. This pattern is only applicable when the basketball is in your hands. Must refer to the given image above for the pattern numbers. This is our master strategy which you can practice in every match to excel at all the league matches.

3. Don’t use Superpowers all the time

Superpowers in the basketball arena are something that comes in the category of rare things. No doubt, Superpowers in the game are great, but at the same time using them too much makes you weak. You should try harder to win the initial matches without using superpowers. Moreover, one of the poor things we found in this game is the concept behind Superpower consumption.

There are only a few superpowers one can use, which means if you have used all your superpower card. Then, you need gems or either chest to use more. It sometimes takes a lot of time to get Superpower cards in low-level chests. Because of this, one should avoid relying on superpower or special abilities. We have already mentioned a simple and easy to remember strategy to dominate your opponents in the arena.

4. Don’t miss the advertisements

Promotion? Nope, it is highly recommended to watch the in-game advertisements in your free time. Gems are the premium currency of the Basketball arena which makes it harder for most of the players to get gems from somewhere. But, this game offers gems and coins and chests for absolutely FREE.

In addition, sometimes if you are lucky enough, you can get a RARE chest box as a reward for watching advertisements. Yes, it’s true! Moreover, you can also connect your Facebook account with the game and get some gems for free. That is a considerable amount that can go towards getting a rare chest box.

5. Unlock new characters & costumes

Try collecting as many chests as possible by playing matches. Also, remember the higher your league, the better rewards you’ll get. You can only unlock new characters either by real money or get some from chest boxes. Tip: If you have enough time, you can watch the in-game advertisements too to get some cool stuff for free.

Basketball Arena Guide

When you will start competing with opponents of higher stats, you will surely realize how important it is to play with a powerful character. Characters are divided into several Tiers. Try to fill up your deck with higher-tier characters for a better balance of your team. The more characters you unlock, the easier it will be for you to outshine others in the matches. Above all, you can also be at the top of the leaderboard, if you always play with decent characters.

Which characters to select in your Team?

In order to make the best deck, you should remember some points in your mind, while selecting the characters:

Character Jump

This shows the jump height of your character. The higher the value in this field, the higher your character will jump to throw the basketball in the basket. Your first focus should be on this value.

Energy Refill Speed

It shows the refill speed of backup energy that character can regain per unit. In simple terms, if this value of your character is higher, then it will regain the energy in less time.


The value in this field depicts the movement speed of your character. Do note that, this game is fast paced which means no one waits for time here. A slow moving character is never recommended for you, compare your characters and select wisely for your deck.

Tip: If you are finding it hard in comparing the characters together, you can use the AUTO option in the game. This option will auto-select the strongest characters for your deck.

How to change your Team name?

Basketball Arena Guide

Players who have just started playing this game may find difficulties in changing their Team’s name. Here’s how you can change the name of your Team:

  • Tap on the Settings icon.
  • Select Account option
  • Click the Edit option and type a new name for your Team

NOTE: If you have already changed your name and want to rename it. You will be charged around 20 gems to change the name of your Team again. Also, the price will increase each time you change your Team name.

Basketball Arena: Tips and Tricks

Here are some cool tips and tricks to rank on the top of the leaderboard of Basketball Arena:

  • Don’t wait, rush on as soon as the match starts. Don’t let your opponent goal first.
  • Watch advertisements to double your fans for a limited period of time.
  • Have enough gems? You can invest in chests in the shop.
  • Unselect the characters which have less energy or speed as compared to others.
  • This game is not for those who like a defensive approach. So, decide judiciously. 
  • Be quick to change your gameplay as and when required to do so.
  • Just remember one thing i.e under pressure, people tend to make mistakes. 
  • Don’t use the quick-pace option all the time as it drains your character’s energy. Be quick in deciding your positions and use the energy accordingly.
  • Don’t forget to claim your free rewards every day in the Shop.


In conclusion, this game is quite fast-paced. Players get chest boxes every time they win a match. Besides, you can watch advertisements to get some cool rewards for free. This game offers a decent game mechanism where players are matched together on a 1 vs 1 basis. You are free to unlock new courts and characters by playing and winning tournaments. However, a major drawback is only about Superpowers, but you really don’t need to worry about it if you have already checked out this guide. You can easily win most of the matches with no haste by following our strategy. Above all, if you get stuck somewhere, visit this Basketball Arena beginners guide anytime to get a better understanding.

Did you find this Basketball Arena Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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Basketball Arena

Actually, there’s something under the character that says “auto” click that and it gives you the most powerful characters you have. That way you don’t have to do all that adding in your brain.

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