The Battle of Polytopia Beginners Guide and Tips

The Battle of Polytopia has begun!

Battle of Polytopia is a Turn-Based Strategy game very similar to Hexonia. The main objective is to make your tribe thrive upon the other rivals with a cool mind and precise movements, be it by achieving the highest score in 30 turns or with a fiercely battle to the death of all players but one. In this Battle of Polytopia guide, you will find some explanations on the game basics and how to win, as well as some hints to improve if you are already an advanced player, so you can beat your high score continuously.

Build your economy

In Polytopia, you need to bring the population to your cities in order to make them grow and produce more. To bring population, you need to build and gather resources that are within the limits of your realm. To build and gather resources, you need to research technologies. And to do all of this you need stars.

Stars are the currency of Polytopia, and your income of stars comes from your cities and ports, growing in number as you research techs or use the available resources around you. Each city gives you a number of stars based upon its level, with a bonus star for your capital.

Battle of Polytopia Guide

As you progress your tech tree, you will be able to gather more stars and/or bring population(and therefore upgrade your city) with the available resources in your field. There are many available ways to gather stars beyond the turn-based income, such as:

  • Capturing villages or enemy cities
  • Using Special characteristics from special tribes such as Polaris
  • Choosing a 5-star reward when upgrading the city from lvl 2 to 3
  • Clearing forests
  • Hunting whales
  • Receiving resources from ruins
  • Disbanding Units
  • Finding other players

Keep in mind you need stars to construct and upgrade buildings, and units and do research, but each city you conquer brings a penalty of 1-star cost to your tech tree. Without a reliable economy, you will be easy prey and deleted before you can even see the map.

Understand the game modes

Polytopia currently has 2 game modes: Perfection and Domination.
On Perfection, you win by reaching the highest score at 30 turns. On Domination wins the last tribe standing, taking as much time and blood as it needs. In our Battle of Polytopia Guide, we will share all the tips and tricks on how to tackle each of the game modes.

Battle of Polytopia Guide

Being so, each game mode has different needs of strategy and focus, buildings, units, and movements. Our point in this tip is: to avoid wandering or spending stars without a clear objective in mind.

Control vision, secure your cities, explore the seas, and overtake your enemies. Or build a strong defense and rise your points to the ceiling. But do not waste resources or time in either of the modes, as you can be caught by surprise by an enemy who might keep an eye on weaker tribes to rise its own stats.
Once you buy your first tribe, you are contemplated with access to multiplayer mode. Hop in and try your tactics against real players to wipe them out of the map or simply to show how much you can score. You can also play locally by passing around the phone per turn (which we personally really liked about the game). Try the simple tribes or even the special ones with Special Perks!

Know yourself and the enemy well

On Polytopia, each tribe starts with a special perk, be it units, technologies, both, or neither (those are the special tribes, which add special enhancements unavailable to other tribes). To avoid throwing yourself in a trap, know what the enemy tribes do, and check their score on the in-game menu.

Sometimes you might think your enemy is weak for not having a defense around its own city, but its defense is based on archers or catapults, and your army gets annihilated in the following turn.

Study the mechanics of the game

Some units can attack more than once. Some have great defense potential but lack attack damage. A two-cost unit may become a powerful ship that can scout your units on a takeover. Each aspect of the game has its own nuances and each nuance brings to the table a variety of ways that you can play with what is available to everyone.

For instance:

  • While walking on roads, your units spend less energy than when walking on bare squares available on the map.
  • Chivalry units have low defense, high attack, and specific skills that can help you to either attack and reposition yourself or keep attacking other units within range. (Riders reposition, Knights keep fighting)
  • Some technologies will grant a bonus defense on specific terrains such as farms or forests.
  • There are technologies that will allow you to turn every block on your domain into a farm or forest.
  • Units turned into boats will have the unit HP, but will have ATK/DEF and range based on the boat level.
  • Boat-Units will be destroyed upon going back to land, going to their previous form.

Don’t give up

You may get the impression that you are too far behind when checking the scoreboard, but don’t yield. A big score boost shows that your enemies have invested in tech, therefore having to wait to build their army. Remember that each city can only produce one unit at a time, and units grant small chunks of points. If you get attacked really early on the game, focus on your defenses specifically on Defenders and Giant units, since they will hold and make your enemy run out of resources on the bigger picture. Most of the time if you just play cool, there will be weakened cities ready to be conquered.

Keep it cool

This tip goes for most games and actions you take in life. We cannot stress enough how much your mindset is essential to achieve the best results. Manage your anger, don’t let your ego dominate, think before acting, and also have fun. If you let your mind be disturbed and unfocused, this will surely leave a mark on everything you do. In games, it will be easier and quicker to see the results of a focus-lacking strategy.

Study what you are doing, get tips from more experienced people, do your training, and try to enjoy the ride. Remember to have a good time, follow these tips, buy some tribes to play with a wider variety, and show who is the best at square Conquering. With this guide and tips, you as a beginner should have no problem earning easy first wins in the Battle of Polytopia.

Did you find the Battle of Polytopia Beginners Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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