Battlefield Mobile Guide: List of all the different game modes to play and enjoy

Enjoy all the different game modes in this latest multiplayer shooter!

Battlefield Mobile features some really cool game modes that elevate the gaming experience of the players. Players get to experience the game in different ways which helps in keeping them engaged. Electronic Arts (EA) has made sure to add different game modes in the game’s beta itself so that players are left wanting more when the game is officially launched.

Also, all the multiplayer shooting games out there have different types of game modes. These game modes help in diversifying the game and experience of the players. So, Battlefield Mobile followed in the footsteps of all the popular shooting games on mobile and has added three primary game modes and two featured game modes. 

List of all the different game modes in Battlefield Mobile

Following are the different game modes in Battlefield Mobile

Primary Game Modes

The primary game modes in Battlefield Mobile are Conquest, Rush, and Team Deathmatch.

Battlefield Mobile primary game modes
Image via EA

1. Conquest mode

 In the Conquest, mode players engage in an all-out war. Two teams consisting of 16 players each are pitted against each other in deadly gun battles. The main objective in this game mode is to hold the maximum number of flags scattered across a map. 

 2. Rush mode

In the Rush mode, players will be divided into two teams of sixteen players where one team will act as the attackers and the other as defenders. The attackers will storm the battlefield to bomb MCOM stations while the defenders will try to protect and disarm the MCOM stations.

3. Team Deathmatch mode

Team Deathmatch mode features close-quarters infantry and players engage in 8v8 battles. These matches last for a short period of time but are filled with intense thrill and action. There is another game mode called Warpath which will be unlocked soon and judging from the featured image it is likely to feature tank battles.

Image via EA

The featured modes include Skirmish: Domination, Skirmish: Squad Rush, and Team Deathmatch: Pistols and Snipers. In the final mode, it looks like players will engage in a classic deathmatch with only pistols and snipers. Skirmish: Domination and Skirmish: King of the hill include quick 4v4 matches. Skirmish: Domination is currently available for playing while the other two modes will be unlocked in a few days. 

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