BitLife Simulator: Tips to become an Actor in the game

Become a famous Superstar and gain fame in Bit Life Simulator!

BitLife Simulator is a simulation game where you write down your own story decisions and make choices on how you want to lead your life. In BitLife Simulator you get to choose your name, decide your birthplace, and most importantly you can customize your character’s smarts and looks (only available when you buy Bitizenship). Starting from becoming a Police Superintendent, or an Army Officer to a famous Actor or a K-Pop Idol, you can choose to become anything. But some of these careers require real grinding and wise life choices and decisions to be taken. In this guide, we will be discussing how to become an Actor in BitLife Simulator.

Starting with a Superstar Life and enjoying the initial Fame

An Actor needs to look as attractive and charming as possible with real acting skills and talent. So the first thing that you need to ensure, is that you have to be as much attractive as possible and care for your looks. You need to make sure that the Looks bar should not fall below 85%. Players may face a hectic schedule in managing and grooming their character as much as possible after their character’s age hits 18. There are many ways by which you can upgrade your looks and raise your attractiveness.

  • Haircut from the Barber
  • Salons and Spa
  • Working Out at the Gym often
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Waxing
  • Dye Colors
  • Customizing your Character according to your preferences (only available when you buy Bitizenship)

While you concentrate on gaining attractiveness and setting your looks, you also need to concentrate and grind harder on other things. The most primary one is, taking courses on Acting Lessons and Voice Lessons frequently as you grow your character older. The option of taking a course on Acting Lessons will be available as soon as you become 8 years. So don’t forget to check the option of taking a course on Acting Lessons in the Mind and Health Section. Note that, you can only avail of the course if your parents agree to admit you and pay the fees for the same.

Continuing your journey from High School to a Successful Actor

As soon as you graduate from High School, it is advised to look for jobs from the Fulltime Jobs section and look for the job of a Voice Actor from the list. If you can’t find any jobs regarding the position of a Voice Actor, you just need to age up and check up on the list of jobs again and again until you succeed in finding one.

Actor Bit Life Simulator
Image via Candywriter

After you succeed in looking for the job of a Voice Actor, you need to apply for the same and you need to work for 6 years to finally get a promotion as an Actor. After you have successfully achieved becoming an Actor, you need to grind and work hard until the fame bar appears and makes your character the famous face in Hollywood.

Although there is an alternative option to this and which is pretty easy as compared to the above instructions. You can go for the Special Careers option and Look for the Acting Job Starter Pack and buy it if you want to invest in the game.

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