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Blood Strike Striker Tier List for March 2024

Pick out the best Striker to defeat enemies!

Blood Strike is a fast-paced battle royale game offered by NetEase Games where the players can choose from a vast collection of weapons and equipment to have a smooth combat experience on the battlefield. The game instils some of the best Strikers the players can witness in Blood Strike. As the players are provided with a handful of options over the Strikers, it is evident that they get puzzled about the character they must choose for themselves. Thus, I’ll guide you through a detailed Blood Strike Tier List to opt for the best Striker with clarity.

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Blood Strike Striker Tier List: Best Strikers

The heroes in Blood Strike are categorized into three major tiers namely: S, A, and B

Strong (S)Volt,
Good (A)Hank,
Average (B)Ethan,

Best Characters in Blood Strike


Volt is the strongest contender for your enemies in Blood Strike matches. The active skill, Electromagnetic Pulse, releases an electromagnetic pulse, 20m in width. This effect deals 40 damage to armour and utility devices up to 40m away. The enemies affected will not be able to see teammates’ nametags and cannot use skills for 6s.

Image via NetEase Games

His Passive skill, Coursing Currents, attacks enemies when charging to energy. This skill grants Shield Recovery once at full charge and increases Movement Speed by 10%. It also increases the Reload Speed/ADS Speed by 50% for 10s.


Nacho is another strong striker you should choose for playing in the matches. His active skill is Hellfire, and this skill conjures a wall of hellfire that blocks enemies’ vision for 20s. It also blinds the opponents by passing through for 1.5s.

Image via NetEase Games

The wall of fire is 30m in length and 4m in height. Hellfire can be activated in any direction. Nacho’s passive skill, The Penitent Eyes, detects enemies in a 66m radius with HP below 40%.


Ran is the last of the top-tier strikers I’ve mentioned in the list above. She has support powers that prevent you from tremendous damage during ranked or squad battles. Her active skill, Ice Barrier, activates an impenetrable Ice Wall with 1000 HP.

Image via NetEase Games

It also blocks incoming damage for 25 seconds. On the other hand, her passive skill, Cyromancy, increases your Shield recovery speed as well as all the teammates’ within the range of 30m by 30%.

How to unlock all Strikers in Blood Strike easily

In Blood Strike, not all the strikers are available to play initially. Among all the strikers, E.M.T., Val, Nova, Ethan, and Jet are free to play for the players. However, the rest of the strikers are unlocked using resources or reaching a set milestone.

Hank unlocks when you clear level 4 of Milestones in your progress. So, make sure to upgrade if you want the powers of Hank on your side. Other strikers like Blast, Spike, Volt, Zero, Nacho, Ran, and Kraken can be unravelled using 8000 Reputation or 800 Gold.

Blood Strike Milestones
Image via NetEase Games

You can earn Reputations from various in-game activities easily such as ranked matches, events, daily and weekly tasks, strike passes, milestones, beginner check-ins, and more. As for Gold, you only obtain it from Top-Up in the Mall. However, I’d suggest not to empty your pockets and go for the other ways to get your hands on currently unavailable strikers.

Final Thoughts

Blood Strike provides the players with the most satisfying gunplay in the battle royale world. The game also settles in an excellent set of Strikers throughout the game to enact from. Thus, beginners can go through the detailed Blood Strike Tier List to throw light on their doubts about the best character they need to select out of the whole troupe.

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