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Blood Strike Weapon Tier List for June 2024

Pick out the top weapons and kill all enemies!

Blood Strike is an online multiplayer battle royale game by NetEase Games. Here, you need to fight to survive till the end with the help of firearms, scraps, grenades, and many more. The game features a variety of weapons including all the classes, their range, skin, and camouflage to kill opponents and gain points. So, you need to have a profound understanding of the weapons which is best suited to be equipped in a match. In this detailed Blood Strike weapon tier list, I’ll help you have clarity over the weapons most suited during combat.

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Blood Strike Weapon Tier List

The weapons in Blood Strike are classified into three major tiers namely: S, A, and B. 

TierAssault RifleSMGShotgunLMGSniper RifleHandgunLauncher
Strong (S)AK47Vector___Kala, M700RPG-7
Good (A)M4A1, AR97URB, MP5Origin-12, MP155MinigunBowDeagle
Average (B)KAG-6, SCAR, VSSINP-9, P90___Glock

Best Weapons in Blood Strike

Based on the strongest weapons all over the game I’ve noted down the top weapons of each class as follows:

Best Assault Rifle – AK47

AK47 is considered to be the top Assault Rifle in Blood Strike. It is a select-fire, gas-operated assault rifle with a fire rate of 705 RPM. This weapon is best suited for all-range attacks whether it be close, mid, or long-range.

Image via NetEase Games

It can deal high damage to the targetted opponent making it easier to take them down. This particular weapon has a high recoil and medium penetration, but it’s adjustable if the players learn to master the usage while firing bullets.

Best SMG – Vector

The best SMG-class weapon in the game would be Vector. The damage and range of Vector are 20-25, and 750-1000 MP respectively. This weapon is best suited for close-range attacks only, the reason being it has a high fire rate.

Image via NetEase Games

For the same purpose, Vector deals high damage to the enemies killing them faster to gain points. Also, Vector has no or low recoil and penetration making it easy and handy for the players to use in a fight.

Best Shotgun – Origin-12

Another top weapon of the Shotgun class weapons would most definitely be Origin-12. The fire mode of Origin-12 is semiautomatic with a fire rate of 269 RPM with a damage-dealing capacity of 204-18. This weapon is suitable for close-range attacks only.

Image via NetEase Games

It is best suited for players who want a weapon that can deal high damage and is quite handy to use while in combat. This weapon can take down enemies in just one precise shot.

Best LMG – Minigun

Minigun is the newly introduced LMG in Blood Strike with mid-range precision. The Minigun with its characteristic rotating barrel assembly, delivers sustained, high-speed fire, shredding the enemies completely.

Blood Strike Minigun
Image via NetEase Games

The Minigun adapts to different play styles and combat situations but is mostly suitable for close and mid-range attacks. This weapon exhibits minimal recoil due to its weight and design, allowing you to maintain control over the firearm. The velocity of Minigun’s rounds and the penetration are high with sure-shot kills.

Best Sniper Rifle – Kala

Kala is recommended to be the best Sniper Rifle in Blood Strike. This particular weapon is best suited for mid and long-range attacks. The accuracy and zoom allow the players to kill enemies with zero compromise in damage over range.

Image via NetEase Games

It has a high damage rate and hence deals a significant amount of damage to the targetted enemy in combat. This class weapon, just like a shotgun, is also very efficient in taking down enemies in just a reliable one-shot.

Best Handgun – Deagle

When it comes to the Handgun class weapons, players should opt for the weapon named Deagle. It deals damage to up to 200-50 SP and 50-30 MP, is semi-automatic, and has high recoil and medium penetration.

Image via NetEase Games

This weapon deals damage at close range to the opponent strikers. Deagle is a solid handy weapon that can be easily carried and used in a fight. They are best suited for the initial stages of combat.

Best Launcher – RPG-7

RPG-7 is the top Launcher class weapon in Blood Strike. The explosion and direct impact damage dealt by RPG-7 are 160-30 MP and 1000 MP respectively. This particular weapon is very efficient in targeting enemies from mid and long-range attacks.

Image via NetEase Games

RPG-7 has a high damage-dealing capacity and thus kills strikers at a fast pace. It inhabits a single-shot fire mode i.e. RPG-7 can take down enemies with just one precise bullet shot.

Final Thoughts

Blood Strike is an amazing battle royale game featuring a distinctive collection of weapons to choose from. The game offers you a wide set of options for preferences to engage with your opponents. You can choose accordingly if they prefer to target enemies at close range or kill them from a distance. The weapons are designed to suit their preferred attack mode. Thus, follow up on this Blood Strike weapon tier list to effectively differentiate the usage of weapons during a fight.

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