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Blood Strike: Best Loadouts and Gun combinations to outperform enemies

Choose the best weapon combos for your Striker!

Blood Strike is a fast-paced, first-person battle royale game from NetEase Games. The game gives the liberty to choose weapon classes ranging from an assault rifle to a launcher and melee. The players can hold up to two guns in their loadout: main and sub, apart from the melee weapon. Through this Blood Strike loadouts piece, I’ll inform you about the best gun combinations usable for enhancing performance in the game.

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Top 5 Loadouts and Gun Combinations in Blood Strike

Each class in Blood Strike has a great collection of guns and each of them has its pros and cons. The cons can be compensated by pairing a particular weapon with another class. Here is a list of the top 5 gun pairings in the game that sets them apart from other mediocre pairings:

1. AK47 and M4A1

Battle Royale games are known for their top-notch collection of assault rifles. On this note, this game brings down the best-ever combination of assault rifles namely: AK47 and M4A1. AK47, being the best with the highest possible damage under this class, provides the perfect advantage to the players in close range.

Project Blood Strike Weapon AK47
Image via NetEase Games

On the other hand, M4A1 deals similar damage but differs in its recoil and bullet drop-down rate. AK47 has a high recoil and high bullet drop-down rate which eventually falls behind if the player is attacked from mid or long-range. In counter this situation, M4A1 steps in and makes the loadout effective with its low recoil and low bullet drop-down rate allowing the players to knock down players shooting at them from far away. 

2. M4A1 and Vector

The gun pairing of M4A1 and Vector is one of the most balanced gun combinations that can be formed in Blood Strike. This loadout functions on the close-range ability of Vector along with the versatile power of M4A1 over all ranges.

Image via NetEase Games

Vector being an SMG has a high fire rate and can deal high damage in case the enemies surround them from close quarters. It also has low recoil making it easier for the players to handle. However, how will the players counter enemies if they attack from a distance or in hordes? For this reason,  M4A1 falls into the picture with its ability to tackle enemies from all ranges whether it be close, mid, or from far away

3. AK47 and Kala

This is the perfect loadout for players who like to go and attack all over the place. AK47 is a very popular among the players who are familiar with the guns. The gun is efficient in working only at close ranges. For its ability to deal high damage to enemies, it is better to equip it for close-range enemies.

Image via NetEase Games

High recoil is the only disadvantage the players can face while using this gun as they need to master it to work with it. The high recoil of the AK47 can be balanced with the use of Kala. This sniper rifle is best suited for mid and long-range attacks. Having a high accuracy and precise aim in a single shot benefits the players without compromising the damage dealt over range. 

4. M4A1 and Kala

This is the ultimate loadout combination for the players seeking to play with control in their hands and kill enemies faster. The M4A1 as we know is used to dealing high damage just like AK47. The only difference is that M4A1 has a low recoil and medium penetration making it easier to handle and kill enemies from all ranges.

Image via NetEase Games

On the other hand, dealing with Kala is handy as well because of the range capability of this sniper rifle. It can be used for mid and long ranges when the enemies are hovering at them from a distance. Zoom provides Kala with an advantage over other classes of guns in manner of accuracy. It is reliable when the striker wants to take down opponents with one bullet.

5. Origin-12 and M4A1

This is another great combination of gun pairing the players can win with in Blood Strike. Origin-12 being a shotgun has a high damage-dealing capacity along with a semi-automatic gas-operated system. Origin-12 comes in handy when the players want to tackle enemies in close range from them.

Image via NetEase Games

The accuracy provides a plus point but a downside occurs when the enemies fire from a distance. To compensate for the con that Origin-12 inhabits, M4A1 is a great asset for the players. This assault rifle kills enemies swarming from all directions as well as ranges because of the presence of low recoil and high penetration.

Final Thoughts

So that’s all for the list of the top five gun combinations in Blood Strike. The game offers you extensive options of guns and melee weapons that can be equipped in their loadout. The preferred pairings might vary from person to person but having a solid combination helps boost the killing skills of the players. Thus, the players must equip the combination that suits them best during matches.

What are your thoughts about our guide on the best gun combinations in Blood Strike? Let us know in the comment section below!

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