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Broyalty: Defend Your Castle Beginners Guide and Tips

Broyalty: Defend Your Castle is an RPG from Starkit Studio LLC. Set in the middle ages, this game has base-building, fighting PvE and PvP, managing resources, and assigning different dwellers to different resource-generating rooms. It combines elements from Clash of Clans combines with Fallout Shelter In this Broyalty beginners guide, we will look at how to get resources, how to fight battles, and so on. Without further delay, let’s get into it.

Introducing the Castle in Broyalty

In Broyalty, you have to restore a castle to its former glory, while trying to impress the Queen of the castle. We will explain the entire castle and its basics in our Broyalty Beginners Guide. The castle has different rooms, and defenses to protect the castle:

  • The Throne Room: This is the room that enables you to unlock other rooms, as you go on upgrading it to different levels. Your progress depends on this room, and you have to upgrade it as soon as possible after getting enough resources, in order to make yourself stronger.
  • The Kitchen: The Kitchen is where you make food for your dwellers. Food is also a very important resource for your troops in order to fight battles. As the number of dwellers increases, more food will be required, so it is advised to upgrade your kitchens first after you upgrade your throne room every time.
  • The Treasury: This is where gold is produced. Upgrading the Treasury leads to a higher amount of gold production, and hence enables faster up-gradation of the various rooms.
  • The Gold Storage: All the gold needed for upgrading different rooms of the castle, is stored here. The Throne Room, Kitchen, Gold Storage, Garrison, etc, are upgraded with gold. It is the most important resource in this game besides food.
  • The Garrison: This is where your troops are stationed. Upgrading the garrison will help to add more troops to your battle squad. It will also help you to take more troops into battle.
  • The Training Room: You can upgrade your fighters in the training room. As with all the other rooms, upgrading the Throne Rom is important in order to upgrade the training room. Your fighters will level up by training in the training room, making them stronger, and able to wield better items.
  • The Living Room: It becomes available when you upgrade the Throne Room to level 3. A Living Room is where, like the Living Quarters in Fallout Shelter, your dwellers can give birth to children, who become future dwellers.
  • The Forge: The Forge is a room where you can craft weapons and items for your army. This room can randomly craft Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items. You cannot choose which type of troop you want to create an item for, but you cannot choose what item is created. These items are only level 16 and above.
  • Defenses: Cannons protect your base from enemy raids by firing projectiles at them, and keep your resources safe. Similar defenses include Barricades, a gun,z, and an ice ballista.

Building and upgrading all these rooms is necessary for progress, and hence it is advisable to keep funneling resources into these until they are upgraded to the maximum level allowed by the throne room.

Tribute Chest

On the grounds of the castle, there is a tribute chest, where goblins leave tributes in the form of gold, equipment, etc. This chest should be emptied regularly so that if an enemy attacks, there is no chance of them looting it.

Broyalty Tribute Chest
Image via Starkit Studio LLC

As you can see in the picture above, upgrading to the Premium subscription can give you more rare rewards in the tribute chest. The basic rewards are always common and uncommon items, while the Premium rewards include rare, epic items and sometimes even emeralds.

Understanding the Dwellers

Like Fallout Shelter, Broyalty has dwellers who periodically arrive at the castle. They all have different strengths and can be assigned to different rooms to produce various resources. They also have different professions, the major professions being:

  • Cook: Cooks manage the Kitchen. They produce food, and hence assigning a dweller who is good at cooking is necessary to increase the efficiency of food production.
  • Treasurer: Works in the Treasury, and produces gold. Upgrading the treasury leads to faster gold production. You cannot assign more than one dweller to the treasury and gold storage.
  • Alchemist: As the name suggests, the Alchemist works to produce mana. The Mana Factory requires an alchemist who produces mana periodically, and the mana can be used to make combat spells.
  • Carpenter: The carpenter is the builder, who builds and upgrades the rooms. Having more than one carpenter can help to upbuild and upgrade more than one room, and other buildings simultaneously.
  • Combat Troops: These are the dwellers that fight for your kingdom. There are three major classes of fighters: Warriors, Healers, Mages, and Ranged Units (Archers and knife-wielding Assassins). Combat troops have different levels of equipment, but they can only be equipped after the fighter reaches a certain level. The combat unit levels can be upgraded/increased in the training room.

Besides these professions, a Male and Female dweller can give birth to babies in the Living Room. These babies take some time to grow into adults, and can then be assigned to different rooms, depending on their best skills.

Star Level of Dwellers

As you level up and get more dwellers, some of them will be at a higher star level than the dwellers you have at the start of the game. Almost all dwellers at the start will be 1 or 2-star dwellers, and as you progress, you get higher star level dwellers, so it is always recommended to make use of the dwellers with the most stars (4 stars are the best in most cases) for working around the castle.

Managing your Resources in Broyalty

Broyalty has different types of resources, but the major resources that are in use for the majority of gameplay are:

  • Gold: The most important resource. Gold is free to obtain and is obtained through the Treasury. The more gold you have, the more easily you can upgrade your rooms and castle. Gold is also obtained through chests and winning battles.
  • Food: The only resource that can enable troops to fight. The Kitchen produces food, and upgrading the Kitchen produces more food, thus enabling you to fight in more battles and get more resources.
  • Mana: When you upgrade your Throne Room to level 3, you can start making magic spells for combat. Mana is similar to Gold and Food, it is produced in a separate room and is stored for future use.
  • Emeralds: Emeralds are green gemstones, and they are the premium currency in Broyalty. Emeralds can finish any upgrade instantly, can get you rare, epic, and legendary resources and items, and can also buy missing resources that are important for an upgrade. You can get these from chests, but very rarely, or else you can buy them with real money.
  • Chests: Chests are the rewards you get for winning battles and completing tasks and winning battles. These chests can contain anything from gold to common, rare, or epic items, depending on the type of chest you get.

The Premium Pass

To help a player get a headstart on their journey into the land of Broyalty, the game offers some beginner offers, The first beginner-friendly offer is displayed when you defeat the first boss on the PvE map. This offer is for 1.10 US Dollars and can be bought immediately after the first boss, Ghyr The Goblin, is defeated.

Premium Pass Broyalty
Image via Starkit Studio LLC

Other offers involve a Chicken Commando offer for 5.7 US Dollars, and it comes up on the screen from time to time if you don’t buy it at first. This offer includes some Epic-level equipment, a lot of food, and gold, and if brought, it can be useful to upgrade your castle quicker and make your troops stronger. This is because more resources and rarer equipment are available in this offer.

The game also offers a premium version subscription service for 15 days and 30 days, for 3.3 USD and 5.6 USD respectively. This subscription service includes benefits like increased resource storage, protecting resources from enemy raids, etc.

Strategize your Battles in Broyalty

In this game, there are two types of battles that you can fight: PvP (Fighting vs other players) and PvE (Fighting vs bot enemies). The PvE battles most consist of the main storyline battles, while the PvP battles involve raiding other players’ actual bases. You fight battles by using food as the resource, that sends the troops into battle.

The more food you have, the more battles you can fight. Before every fight, you can see what the enemy’s strength is, and what your team’s strength is. It is generally a good idea to only fight the battles where your strength is more than the enemy, or else you will end up killing one of your fighters, and they can take some time to heal up.


Always make sure to equip your fighters with the most appropriate gear. You can find the best gear for each fighter class by clicking on the different class icons at the bottom of the fighters’ description/profile page. Different types of fighters will require different gear based on their type. Warriors primarily use Axes as weapons, Archers use Bows, Healers/Mages use staffs, and Assassins use knives. All fighters can wear helmets and armor. no matter what type of fighter they are.

Broyalty Battles
Image via Starkit Studio LLC


This game has a great aid resource for players who are unfamiliar with such “place the unit here for best outcome” style RPG games. It highlights the recommended positions for each type of fighter on the board.

When you follow the positioning tips, you will get the best result after you level up fighters to an appropriate level. Always pay close attention to these positioning boxes. These will be highlighted with the class of the fighter, with different symbols used for Warrior class (Axe), Mage (Magic staff), Archer (Bow and Arrow), and Assassin (Two knives).

Broyalty Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Broyalty Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

  • PvP Battles: There are 2 possible types of PvP battles in Broyalty: either you attack the castles that appear on the map, or your castle is under attack. If you are under attack, you cannot avoid the battle. If your defense is not strong enough, the enemy can take some of your gold or mana as a reward, just like in Clash Of Clans. When you attack other players’ castles, you can loot them and bring back rewards for your kingdom.
  • Offline Usage: This game is not playable offline. It requires a decent, high-speed internet connection in order to run smoothly.
  • Upgrading Tips: After upgrading your Throne Room, upgrading the Kitchen, Treasury, Gold Storage, and then the Mana Factory and Spell Storage is the best way to keep all your resources at maximum capacity. Also, make sure your defenses are at the maximum possible level possible at the current Throne Room level.
  • Training Fighters: Always keep two of your fighters in the training room at all times. Getting them to the highest level possible at your current Throne Room level is very important.
  • Max-out Everything: Before upgrading the Throne Room, make sure you have upgraded everything to the highest possible level for the Throne Room.
  • Troop Star Level: Always use the dwellers with the most amount of stars possible, to form your fighting party. 4 starfighters are optimal for this.
  • Free-To-Play: In truth, this game favors the Pay-To-Win element, but Free-To-Play players can also make decent progress if they determine their playstyle, and conserve and spend their resources with care.

So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Broyalty: Defend Your Castle Beginners Guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the Broyalty Beginners Guide! Did you find our Broyalty beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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