Captain Tsubasa Ace Player Tier List for December 2023

The best picks for you!

Captain Tsubasa: Ace has finally received its global launch, as the action-packed football journey from DeNA is already hitting your phone screens. This isn’t your ordinary football game, as it does have the core gameplay but deviates to a more visual experience. Still, having the best players in your squad presents a great advantage for you to perform skill moves effectively as well as have an edge against opponents in overall ratings. So, to help you pick the best players, here is our Captain Tsubasa Ace Player Tier List for December 2023.

Captain Tsubasa Ace offers captivating 3D animations with a complete roster of popular players, including characters like Tsubasa Ozora. If you are a beginner, refer to our in-depth Beginners Guide with Tips. Alongside, we have previously covered a free codes guide to redeem in the game for freebies as well as customer support, a reroll guide, and a resource guide to help you with the mentioned essentials, so do check them out!

Captain Tsubasa Ace Player Tier List for December 2023

In Captain Tsubasa Ace, the players you obtain are determined by how effectively you utilize them on the field and the skills they possess. As a result, the characters in the game have been classified into four distinct tiers: SS, S, A, and B. These tiers are assigned based on the players’ positions on the pitch. The following tier descriptions provide an overview of each category.

  • SS Tier (Overpowered): This tier comprises players who stand as the best in the game and deliver consistent performance.
  • S Tier (Strong): In this tier, you will find pretty good players and come across as a formidable pick for your squad. They come highly recommended for any tournament.
  • A Tier (Good): The players in this tier are considered to be very capable, just one step below the S Tier. They can be used in normal events.
  • B Tier (Average): Players in this tier are considered average, falling below the Good Tier. While competent, they have room for improvement and might not excel as much as higher-tiered players.
Tier/PositionForward (FW)Midfielder (MF)Defender (DF)Goalkeeper (GK)
Overpowered (SS)Hojiro HyugaTsubasa Ozora,
Jun Misugi
Hiroshi Jito,
Ryo Ishizaki
Ken Wakashimazu
Strong (S)Shun Nitta,
Masao Tachibana,
Hajime Taki
Hanji Urabe,
Takeshi Sawada,
Hikaru Matsuyama,
Kazuo Tachibana,
Taro Misaki
Makoto Soda,
Masao Nakayama
Genzo Wakabayashi
Good (A)Shinji Sanada,
Teppei Kisugi,
Mitsuru Sano
Mamoru Izawa,
Takeshi Kishida
Koji NishioYuzoo Morisaki,
Taichi Nakanishi
Average (B)Kazuki Sorimchi,
Kazumasa Oda
Kuniaki Narita,
Tetsuo Ishida
Shingo Takasugi

Best players to pick for your team in Captain Tsubasa Ace in December 2023

Best Forward – Hojiro Hyuga

captain tsubasa ace hyuga (1)
Image via DeNA

The “Tiger” Hyuga is arguably one of the best players in the game and a stylish one too. He is an incredibly fierce striker of the ball, thanks to his Tiger Shot, and it is one of the most powerful shots a striker can have. He also has a Tiger Rob skill that comes with intense pressing in the attacking third of the pitch, making him the best choice for your striker role.

Best Midfielder – Tsubasa Ozora

captain tsubasa ace tsubasa (1)
Image via DeNA

Who better than our protagonist to claim the title of the best midfielder in this game? Tsubasa is notably easier to obtain among the other SSR characters through the Recruit option and if you get him, it is a great pull. He particularly excels in dribbling, particularly with his South American Dribble, allowing for three consecutive breakthroughs followed by the Drive Shot being a lethal finishing move.

Best Defender – Hiroshi Jito

captain tsubasa ace jito (1)
Image via DeNA

Jito’s in-game build is a clear indication that he is a formidable defender, and his skills substantiate this claim. His exceptional abilities in tackling and blocking, particularly with the Power Block move, make it reassuring for the goalkeeper as they don’t have to fret about the ball reaching them. Additionally, Power Charge is another wonderful skill that comes in handy when you need to steal back the ball.

Best Goalkeeper – Ken Wakashimazu

captain tsubasa ace ken (1)
Image via DeNA

Quoting Misugi’s words, “the goalkeeper in Japan,” Ken is an outstanding tall goalkeeper with the ability to kick-start attacks from deep positions while serving as a formidable barrier between the goalposts. He’s a subtle flexer as well, with the Cartwheel catching technique making him look super cool. Progress faster and level up as you can collect Ken’s shards and unlock him.

Final Thoughts

Your preference shouldn’t strictly align with the suggestions provided here, but ultimately, it hinges on how you want to arrange your setup. However, it’s noteworthy that the best players in the game typically belong to higher tiers. If you possess players from these tiers, it’s advisable to prioritize them when selecting your Captain Tsubasa Ace.

What are your thoughts on our Captain Tsubasa Ace Player Tier List for December 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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