Champions Legion Clawdia Guide: Best Build, Partner and Gameplay Tips

The Bloodthirsty

Clawdia is a special type of Assassin who will find her prey and lead them into death in Champions Legion. Besides that, she also belongs to the fighter category, so during combat, she can able to restore her HP very quickly. She is very deadly against enemy MM and Mage, therefore, you can use her as a perfect finisher. Spending your Quartz in her will be worth-full. You can easily push your rank with this hero while dominating the battlefield. So without wasting any time lets just jump into the Valhalla Ground of CL. In this guide, we will be seeing these ban-worthy hero skills, items, partners, as well as some tips and tricks on how to play Clawdia in Champions Legion.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Champions Legion heroes like Norah and Cleo. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Clawdia.

Skill Analysis

Clawdia is a hero that has four abilities which are one passive and three actives. In this Clawdia guide, let’s see what are her abilities in Champions Legion, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Cut Throat

passive skill

This is the thing that makes Clawdia unique. Every time when Clawdia dealing damage to low HP(<40%)enemies, she will deal with additional damage(40) to them and Heals(20) herself according to her physical attack.

Skill 1 – Brutal Tear

(Heal)(Physical) CD- 7/6.6/6.2/5.8/5.4/5

skill 1

She will attack two times with her claws in a pointed direction while dealing 120/130/140/150/160/170 amount of physical damage. Here we also get a healing factor, if Clawdia successfully hits at least one enemy with her ability she will heal herself. The ratio is 60/66/72/78/84/90.

Skill 2 – Doomed Prey

(Control)(Physical) CD-9/8.6/8.2/7.8/7.4/7

skill 2

Clawdia will wide her hands and give a free hug to the enemy. If the enemy captured by her claw she will pull the prey to her side while dealing 100/110/120/130/140/150 amount of physical damage. The movement speed of the enemy will be reduced by 30% for 2 seconds.

Skill 3 – Instinct Predator


skill 3

We can press this skill 2 times, when you press it 1st Clawdia will reveal enemies location around 5000 radii while gaining a 20 % movement speed boost and for low health enemies she will increase her movement speed by an extra 10 % upon that boost. In that meantime, the ultimate’s timer will run for 8 seconds (flame type material will ignite from her body).

If you press it again within 8 seconds then she will pounce on the locked enemy hero Stun the unit for 1.5 seconds and attack 4times in a row while dealing 90/115/140 amount of physical damage for each attack. For a successful hit, you will regen 40/50/60 Health.

Skill-up Method for Clawdia

Max your skill 1 first then skill 2 accordingly and Ultimate whenever available.

Battle Spells

The only battle spell we recommended is Punish. But you can use Disrupt(lane pushing purpose) or Flash (escape purpose)for some particular situation. But again Punish is the best Spell for her to level up quickly.

Best Partner and Item Builds for Clawdia in Champions Legion

Clawdia is a Hybrid type hero but all she got is lifesteal and lots of physical damage. But in order to play him as a duel character, we have to build some specific items on Clawdia. In our Champions Legion guide, we will discuss two builds you can try out with Clawdia to get the best out of her in CL.

Build 1

Since Clawdia has high physical damage, so using DRASH will be the best partner for her. We will change our item build according to our enemy pick but the pet will remain the same. Now set your Beads like this to enhance her physical damage output-

Champions Legion Clawdia Guide Drash
Drash as Partner
  • Red (Phoenix, Wasp Sting)
  • Green (Obsidian, Lightning)
  • Blue (Prayer, Judgement)

In the Red bead section You can use Razor Claw in place of Phoenix.

Champions Legion Clawdia Guide Build
  • Beastking Horn (Hunter blade in early)(attack speed and jungle)
  • Hermes’ Select (escape purpose)
  • Trinity Power (additional damage and movement)
  • Brilliant Blade(huge critical)
  • Triumph Wing (more damage to the low enemy)
  • Shieldbreaker (armor penetration)

In this build, we are mainly focusing on her max damage output and physical lifesteal. We don’t need to buy beast king horn first, start with a primary hunting knife then build your shoe and one attack item. Then complete your build to dominate in the playground. Here major attack items will provide you some movement speed attributes which will help you to gank enemies or escape from any bad situation.

Build 2

We are not changing our partner here, we are just changing our build to play Clawdia as a fighter. In this build, we have to make her a little durable with her attack damage.

Champions Legion Clawdia Guide Build
  • War Boots (attack speed)
  • Unicorn’s Helmet (ranger helmet in early-stage)(jungle and defense)
  • Trinity Power (additional damage and movement)
  • Thorns Armor (deflect taken damage)
  • Doom Bringer/Blood Drinker (mass lifesteal)
  • Blood fury (gains a shield on low hp)

As per suggested, Punish is essential for Clawdia, but here we are also increasing our defenses to survive on the battlefield. After one attack item focus on your defense item e.g Thorns Armor, then build  Blood Drinker to do proper lifesteal. But if the enemy team have healers use Doom bringer to stop their regen. The last item will depend according to the enemy pick but one more defense will be better.

Champions Legion Clawdia Gameplay Tips

If you are thinking to play Clawdia as a fighter surely you can do that, and follow other tanks guide to know the Top lane rotation. But we personally suggest on playing Clawdia as an assassin, it will be more fun to play. According to her gameplay, we can break it down in three phases. Our Clawdia guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in Champions Legion.

Early Game

First, buy the lowest grade jungle blade. Then kill triplet pigs first. Killing these monsters will make you level 2 and now its easier to kill buff. Buy the lowest grade of your boots too. To kill them first use two basic attacks and then skill 1 to kill all pigs in 4 seconds. Now do some basic attacks on the buff monster and use the punish spell for faster killing. Now look if enemies are already inside the top turret, then enter your lane from the down bush or else gank from the bush which is located on the other side of the thick wall.

Early game with Clawdia
Clawdia in the battlefield

Save your skill 2 to pull dot life enemies inside your turret again. If the enemy and you both have the same low Hp, just spam skill 1 to finish him, don’t worry killing an enemy will heal you. Decide in this stage that you have to lane or not, if a lane push situation arrives choose the lane with blue buff. Buff is very important for her to stop her mana draining. You can this combo-

Skill 1+Skill 2+Skill 3

Mid Game

This is the main stage where assassins shine the most. Try to Focus on building items, Kill drake in the early game as well as in mid-phase too. As a jungler always try to invade buff. Always keep an eye on the minimap. Whenever you see your tank and mage are ganking in the mid just use Skill 3 to know their position, wait in the bush and kill enemy ADR. Don’t waste your Ulti unnecessary on an enemy tank. Your motto is not only killing, only killing hero does not provide you victory.

Mid Game with Clawdia
Clawdia in Champions Legion

Try to split push whenever you get a chance. Roam in the bushes and collect runes. You can use your ultimate only on one enemy so use your combos wisely to avoid being ganked.hide in the bush, use skills 1 and 2 to kill squishy heroes then use 3 to find over smart enemies and finish them by pressing skill 3 again. Or you can use these combos for sure killing-

Skill 3+Skill 2+Skill 3+Skill 1

Late Game

When you are playing as an assassin, try to finish the game within 10-12 min, the longer you stretch the game enemy tank and MM will be more powerful. Then by any chance, if enemy ADR can escape successfully then you are gone. Try to use your ultimate and provide your team vision in this phase. Make sure to take out enemy sentry and Neutral Typhoon when 2/3 enemies are dead. Don’t even try to initiate at this stage single-handed, only try to kill enemy squishy heroes if they are alone or try to push lanes.

Final Thoughts

No doubt Clawdia is an OP hero but if enemy heroes also have a good quality of stuns or they use the Daze spell against Clawdia then she won’t be able to use her ultimate properly. Due to a lack of attacks, the regenerated Hp percentage will also drop down and now she is very easy to kill. So, therefore, don’t use your ultimate on full life enemy. Ignited flame and movement speed will indicate your enemies remaining HP, use your brain, and cut their heads promptly.

That’s all for today’s guide about Clawdia in Champions Legion. Do you prefer to use Clawdia in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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