Champions Legion Norah Guide: Best Build, Partner and Gameplay Tips

Unyielding Fist

Norah is one of the strongest Tanks in Champions Legion. She has a decent amount of physical damage, several stuns with CC abilities. She can easily initiate any team fight and deal a lot of damage to enemies, even in the 1v1 situation. Unlike other tanks Norah is fully dependent upon her skillset, so use your skills wisely for a successful gank. In this brand new season, we can pick her as a tank or as a fighter to rank up easily. So without wasting any time, let’s see how to use her on the CL battlefield. In this guide, we will be seeing these ban-worthy hero skills, items, partners, as well as some tips and tricks on how to play Norah in Champions Legion.

Skill Analysis

Norah is a hero that has four abilities which are one passive and three actives. In this Norah guide, let’s see what are her abilities in Champions Legion, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Counterattack Armor


It is a very useful passive for Norah. Whenever she joins a fight and receives more than 282 amount (1410*20%) of damage of her base hp she will instantly release energy which will deal with 75 amounts of physical damage and increases her magical resist by 8 (stacked up to 40).

Skill 1 – Dash Punch

(Control,Movement,Physical) CD – 10/9.6/9.2/8.8/8.4/8

skill 1

Norah can jump twice into a designated direction while each jump deals 60/68/76/84/92/100 amount of physical damage, after that jump the ground will explode and knock-up enemies for 0.5 seconds while dealing again 60/68/76/84/92/100 amount of physical damage.

You have to press the skill in 3 seconds in order to use it twice. So remember, if you do the whole process twice within 3 seconds then you can harass the enemy units very easily while dealing with mass damage to them. It is also an escape tool for her and she can jump across thin layer walls by using this skill.

Skill 2 – Unyielding Anger

(Slow,physical) CD – 9/8.6/8.2/7.8/7.4/7

skill 2

She swings her two massive shields and deals 60/68/76/84/92/100 amount of physical damage to enemies while slowing them for 2 seconds. After casting this skill, her next three enhanced basic attacks will deal 30/34/38/42/46/50 amount of physical damage.

Skill 3 – Steel Rising

(Control,Movement,Physical) CD – 40/34/28

skill 3

She will dash into a designated direction, deals 120/160/200 amount of physical damage, and knock up enemies in the air for 1 second. Not only that after dashing she will deploy an energy wall surround her which can deal with 60/80/100 amount of physical damage and slowing passerby enemies for 3 seconds.

Skill-up Method for Norah

Max your skill 2 first then skill 1 accordingly and Ultimate whenever available.

Battle Spells

Heal is the best option for her, by using this spell you can heal up yourself or your allies in a team fight. Apart from that you can also use Daze, Weak, and Disrupt on purpose.

Best Partner and Item Builds for Norah in Champions Legion

In the beginning, we already mentioned that in spite of being a tank, she can also deal with a huge amount of physical damage. Hence we can play her as a Fighter or as a Tank in Champions Legion. In our Champions Legion guide, we will discuss two builds you can try out with Norah to get the best out of her in CL.

Build 1

In order to build her as a Semi-Tank, choose your partner DRASH and set up Beads like this-

Champions Legion Norah Guide Build 1
Drash as Partner
  • Red (Lion, Manticore)
  • Green (Glacier, Ice)
  • Blue (Aureole, Destiny)

Now set your items like this to get the full advantage of this pet setup:

Pet Item
  • Sonic boots (physical defense)
  • Umbra Axe (armor penetration)
  • Triumph Wing (extra physical attack)/SpellShards(restores hp and increased attack speed )
  • Lionheart Cuirass (physical defense and slows attack speed)
  • Sacred Armor (magic defense and regen HP while leaving combat)
  • Prophet’s Cape (magic defense and a thick shield after exiting combat zone)

We will use sonic boots to reduce attack damage from enemies. Then go for the Umbra Axe cause it will increase your base HP, extra physical damage, and a good cd reduction on skills. Build a second attack item Triumph wing for more damage on low hp enemies or build Spellshards for extra speed and lifesteal.

You don’t need more than two attack items on Norah, so in empty slots make defensive items according to your enemy pick (physical/magical) You can even use it as a Tank just build your first attack item then go for two defense items and then second attack item. wrap it up with a shield

Build 2

In the second case, you can use KURA as your partner to boost her pure tanking abilities. But use this only when your team has a fighter and your role is that of the primary tank.

Champions Legion Norah Guide Build 2
Kura as Partner

Set up the Beads like this-

  • Red (Lion Heart, Lion)
  • Green (Lightning, Galaxy)
  • Blue (Divine Light, Destiny)
Pet Item

In this bead set, we mainly focus on hp regen and max health. Check attributes, it says Norah have 2% free crit (add a critical buff to amplify it) now choose your items accordingly to utilize this beads passive:

  • Sonic boots/Resistance Boots (magic defence & control reduction)
  • Sacred Armor (magic defense and regen HP while leaving combat)
  • Blood Fury (gains a shield on low hp)/Lionheart Cuirass (increasing physical defense)
  • Ice Walker (magical and physical defense)
  • Prophet’s Cape (magic defense and gains a shield)
  • Vulcan Armor (physical defense and magic damage)

This item build is mainly focused on preventing damage. Therefore if your enemy team has too many magic damage type heroes, use resistance boots and then build sacred armor to regen huge hp after leaving combat, so you don’t have to recall to base every time, then go for blood fury. It will help you to enhance your passive and deal a good amount of physical damage to enemy units (if enemy ADR magic damage based pick ice walker). After that build an ice walker or Vulcan armor depending upon the situation. Prior physical defenses if your enemy carry is a physical damage type hero, build LionHeart Cuirass as your third item then you can go for an extra magic shield

Champions Legion Norah Gameplay Tips

We will recommend using the top lane for Norah. It does not matter whether you are playing her as a proper tank or semi tank. Just do the offlaner rotation. In case your team has another fighter in the team then help your MM or Mage. According to her gameplay, we can break it down in three phases. Our Norah guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in Champions Legion.

Early Game

Go top lane, wait in the bush, clear the 1st minion’s wave. Then if your nearby assassin helps her to take buff or invade the enemy right side jungle. After that clear the second wave of minions, if you are lucky you can initiate in this stage and your team will draw the first blood here. But in case if you miss your skill 1 don’t chase dot life enemy in their turret.

Champions Legion Norah Guide

Keep an eye on your mini-map during 2-3 mins if the enemy missing in the mid lane and you are alone in the top don’t hug turrets, maybe you will be ganked by enemies and they will draw the first blood. Try to focus on upgrading your level in this time, whenever you got your Ulti don’t forget to dash upon enemies, no worries Kura will protect you.

Mid Game

In this phase try to kill some jungle monsters with the help of your damage dealer, do rotate in mid whenever necessary. Try to build your core items according to your enemy. Just wait in the bush with your mage, jump on enemies slow them. If the try to escape from that situation prevent them with your ultimate skill combos like-

Skill 1+Skill 2+Skill 1+3 Enhanced Basic Attack+Skill 3

In this phase, your main objective is to destroy their two turrets in Top lane as a semi fighter, but a tank your first priority will be protecting your damage dealer. Help your carry to take drake and sentry. It will help you later on the battlefield to irritate enemies. Don’t afraid if you are using Kura and already built Sacred Armor. Just leave the combat area for a few seconds, hide in the bush and again your HP bar is full. It’s a regen technique for Tanks.

Late Game

It is the perfect time for you to shine on the battlefield, never leave your carry at this moment. Check bushes to provide your team vision. Target enemy assassins or MM, poke them with your skill 1, after a successful knock up slow them. Watch out from your enemies stun, stun and silence are very bad for Norah, she is a pure skill-based hero.

Champions Legion Norah Guide

In order to survive in battle, she must use her skills. And whenever you are low on hp keep doing the mid-game phase regen strategy. Try to clear Mid turrets. Slain Typhoon whenever 2 or more enemies are dead. Push with the siege units. Wait for the enemies to gather in one place then cast your combos in this order to do a successful wipeout.

Skill 3+Skill 2+Skill 1+2 enhanced Basic Attacks+Skill 1

Final Thoughts

Norah is a good CC hero who can be great in team fights, all though she is very fun to play type based character. But she is weak against CC heroes. Her ultimate is very crucial in a team fight, but she took a few seconds(0.2) to complete her Skill 3, so some enemies can escape by using their blink skill. But at last, it is a newly released game, lots of patches and updates are yet to come. But don’t worry we will keep updating you so keep checking this space.

That’s all for today’s guide about Norah in Champions Legion. Do you prefer to use Norah in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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