Clash Mini: Top 3 Best Beginner Decks to use in the game

Choose only from the best beginner decks to begin your journey!

Clash Mini is becoming the talk of the town these days. It is a unique game with Supercell Universe’s amazing characters. Because of all the hype, it has generated, a lot of new players are picking up the game now, and as a starting point for them, we have made a guide about the best beginner decks in Clash Mini. These decks are for the 3 starter heroes in the game: the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen, and the Shield Maiden. Now, without further delay, let us see the three beginner decks in Clash Mini:

Best Beginner Decks with Starter Heroes in Clash Mini

1. Barbarian King Deck

  • Hero: Barbarian King
  • Minis: Lumberjack, Bowler, Barbarian, Archer, Spear Goblin

The Barbarian King is a Hero that can be selected as the first Hero for the player or unlocked from opening Chests or bought from the Shop. The Barbarian King is a single-target, melee unit with high hitpoints and low damage output. He is an excellent frontline and can tank a lot of damage from Heroes and Minis alike.

Clash Mini Barbarian King
Image via Supercell

His Super, Iron Fist increases his allies’ damage by 1, for 4 seconds. This is especially amazing for the Archer, who sits in the backline while dishing out massive Damage Per Second (DPS). The Spear Goblin also benefits from this, along with being an integral part of the deck. The Goblin and Bowler have very impactful Clash abilities that can help turn the tide of the fight at the very start of the match.

Barbarian King Deck Clash Mini
Image via Supercell

Along with all of the mentioned Minis, the Lumberjack is also a very important part of the deck. His Super, Rage Potion tosses a bottle of rage to his nearest ally, increasing their attack speed. It will also affect allies up to 1 tile away from the Lumberjack’s target, in a Plus (+) formation on the board. All of the above make the Barbarian King beginner deck incredibly effective and enable you to climb the Trophy Road with ease.

2. Archer Queen Deck

  • Hero: Archer Queen
  • Minis: Giant Skeleton, Mega Knight, Skeleton Guards, Lumberjack, Musketeer

The Archer Queen is a backline carry. She stays in the back like the Archer and puts out huge DPS. Because of this, she needs a strong frontline that can soak large amounts of damage. The Giant Skeleton and Mega Knight do exactly this with their Super abilities. When the Giant Skeleton is killed, he drops a bomb that deals damage to enemies in an area and also stuns them for a short duration.

Clash Mini Archer Queen
Image via Supercell

The Mega Knight acts as another tank. During his Super, Skyfall, he jumps up and slams onto the ground, knocking up enemies and stunning them for some time. His high health often enables him to cast twice in a round, enabling the Archer Queen to remain safe for a longer time. The Skeleton Guards gain a shield when they cast their Super. This is depicted as an additional health bar that represents 6 Shield. When they have this Shield active, they do not gain Energy to cast again.

Only after the Shield has been completely removed can they start gaining Energy to cast again. This helps them to soak damage as well, despite being squishy. The Lumberjack, just like in the previous deck, should always be placed near the carry with the highest DPS, in this case, the Archer Queen. When he throws his Rage Potion at her, she gains attack speed, dealing even more damage in a shorter duration.

Archer Queen Deck Clash Mini
Image via Supercell

The Musketeer adds a ranged unit to the team to balance out the frontline melee units. In addition to that, her Super fires a big shell that deals 3 damage to the closest enemy, knocking them back 2 tiles and stunning them. This makes her very useful against enemies with backline access like the Miner, Countess, and Wave Master. Overall this is one of the best beginner decks for the Archer Queen, with the perfect balance of tanks and ranged units.

3. Shield Maiden Deck

  • Hero: Shield Maiden
  • Minis: Mega Knight, Barbarian, Archer, Bowler, Miner

The Shield Maiden is a frontline hero, like the Barbarian King. She is a strong tank, and along with the Mega Knight and Barbarian, she can do quite a lot of work. Her Super is one of the best for a starter hero, as it gives her a big shield, and also reflects damage for some time.

Clash Mini Shield Maiden
Image via Supercell

The Archer, as usual, is the main source of DPS, while the Miner with his Clash ability, is the premier backline assassin/fighter. The Bowler with his Clash ability pushes back an enemy while dealing damage to them.

Shield Maiden Deck Clash Mini
Image via Supercell

Positioning the Bowler correctly can counter a backline character very effectively. This is one of the best Shield Maiden beginner decks, and is well rounded, having both frontline threats as well as backline threats, It has both utilities as well as damage. Overall, a solid deck for climbing with Shield Maiden.

Did you like our list of best beginner decks in Clash Mini useful? Do you have any other suggestions in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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